[OBSOLETE] Aeon HEM v1 DH Discussion (DTH link in post 411)

Is anyone using this DTH with Simple Event Logger? This DTH worked well for bidgely and plottwatt for me, but bidgely shut down and plottwatt is supposed to. So I’m moving to SEL.

I’m guessing that this is due to the 2/16 edit where activity was removed from the phone and event log. Is it possible to have an option to re-enable for the event log? :smirk:

Hi @greg,

I use Google Sheets just fine. Even though the constant activity doesn’t show up on the phone or event logs, the values always update. A smart app shouldn’t need to subscribe to events, but to Power or Energy capabilities.

I’m using this DH which will log multiple readings into one row (each column is a different device):

Makes nice chart in SmartTiles:


Thanks John. Maybe it is on the app side then. The app is pulling power and energy info from my other devices - but nothing from the HEM.

I tried a different DTH and now the app sees my HEM data. I’m not qualified to figure out why. But just in case anyone else runs into it, that’s what happened to me.

@kevin can you post, link or PM directions on how to make that chart?

What is the app you’re using? I wouldn’t mind looking at it in case there’s anything I need to change in my DH.

Simple Event Logger by @krlaframboise

I need some very basic help here with the HEM v1.
The documentation does not describe the LED states.

These are:

LED on solid
LED slow flashing (once per second)
LED fast flashing (I figured out this one was looking to pair)

I paired my HEM sitting next to my hub. With no inputs, LED went out.
Pressing the button inside started it fast flashing for pairing. Looked good; hub recognized it.

I moved the HEM to my breaker box and connected it. LED is now on solid.
No actual data reported, so I tried repairing the zwave network. No difference. LED is still on solid.

Any simple tests I can do to see if it is working? Somebody is reporting energy data reset on correct date and time; that might be local to the DH.

So - can anyone give me a definition of LED states? I would love to know what on solid means.

John I am using your DH. HEM is on AC power only.


I’m not sure what they all mean, but solid red means it’s connected to your hub.

Do you have your clamps installed correctly and are they firmly attached to the HEM?

Yeah I don’t use that app, but if it subscribes to the right capabilites you’ll get data. Prior to Google Sheets I was using Grove Streams, and I continue to use power notification apps without issues.

Thanks! Looks like I will have to dig a little deeper.
Hub thinks HEM is healthy.
I have a Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition) technical manual.
I have no idea how close that is to a Version 1.
Can anyone point me to a Version 1 manual?
Or a summary of differences between Version 1 and Version 2?

I turned on the commented out logging lines. One I am getting is:

9:21:01 PM: debug zwaveEvent received MeterReport(meterType: 33, meterValue: [0, 0, 0, 0], precision: 3, scale: 0, scaledMeterValue: 0.000, size: 4)

From that I take it the HEM as alive and generating data - and all the data is zero.
Think a master reset in the DH might help? Does that remove the HEM from the zwave network?


Hey @greg and @joelw135,

I have something I’d like for you guys to try. I got Simple Event Logger to work by making a couple tweaks to the DH you’re using:

Depending on which DH of mine you’re using, please change just 3 lines of code:

Look for the section of code titled “def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.meterv1.MeterReport cmd)”

Change these lines to read like this: (changed false to true)

[name: “energy”, value: newValue, unit: “kWh”, displayed: true]
[name: “energy”, value: newValue, unit: “kVAh”, displayed: true]
[name: “power”, value: newValue, unit: “W”, displayed: true]

You also do not need 2 lines of code way up at the top, and they can be deleted:

attribute “energy”, “string”
attribute “power”, “string”

Please make these changes, Save, and then Publish for yourself. Let me know if this worked.

Modified my version with no Battery just saw my first log to power Should I be seeing anything in live logging on the IDE? Do you have a Device Handler for the HEM V1 with reading each line separately?

I’ve ordered a HEM v1 and doing some research to understand and get things setup before it gets here. I’m currently using Google Sheets Logging for other devices. Will this provide adequate data when used with your DTH?

If anyone is using Google sheets logging, Inside the smartapp it has a “Time to que events setting”…Will this impact my data collection?

I plan to use the HEM without batteries installed, should I use the “no battery” DTH? Is there any functional difference between the two except for the battery status reporting?


Working perfectly now. Thanks!

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@johnconstantelo Have you modified your HEM V! code to use two separate clamps to have reading for lets say a washer and a dryer? I have another HEM V1 coming today and love your DH, it looks great and has all the info, and better yet it works.

Nagging question: What voltage do I set the Device Handler to assuming 240 volt 2Phase panel reading the mains? Mine is set to 240 volts.

One thing would be very nice, but not sure it is doable! Would it be possible to reset values on a certain date? My reasoning is that utilities bill on the same day of the month, so it would reset to start counting KW on that date.

@greg - here you go… Google Sheets Charts

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@johnconstantelo tried the dual clamp reading separately but doesn’t work for me. Your DH works fine but the one by @omyn doesn’t populate the fields for Clamp 1 and Clamp two. This is the DH I used. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Omynz/Aeon-HEM-v2/master/Aeon%20HEMv2.groovy if you have a chance would you please look it over. I tested the device by switching clamps from my other HEM V1, and same result. I even put the clamps from the new HEM V1 onto the old HEM and it read as it should. So that rules out the HEM V1 (NEW) being bad. I have it running your DH for now. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Yes, but after working with @krlaframboise’s app to send data to Google, I personally think it’s better. We have some tweaking to do on my DH and his SmartApp, but i think that combination of DH and app will be prefect for you.

If you decide to still use that app, yes it will. Setting it to 0 will send the data as soon as it changes, but if your reporting interval is really small, there’s a potential to miss a reading if it changes fast enough.

No functional difference.

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I didn’t check Live Log, but I would think so. The mobile app’s Recently tab and the device’s event log will update for sure.

No, or I should say not yet. I haven’t had a need for that yet.

I do see info in the Live logging but shows for Energy 1. Very strange