[OBSOLETE] A.I. Thermostat manager


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Just tried install this app, but some of my modes are named “null” when setting up the app, and when Im finished with the settings and click “done”, I get this message : an unexpected error occurred.

I will try again then, thank you, one thing though, is this app still under development? or if its discontinued?

One more thing after trying again, when Im supposed choose modes for when I’m home, I can only select one mode, but I’m supposed to select the various modes, right?

Hmm, on various settings it says “null” in description, so its hard to setup, cause I can’t figure out what the various modes is, since it display “null”.
Plus, I can only add 2 extra modes, please make it so we can add the amount of number we need, I need 4 more modes :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you have time to check it out again but I’ve added several modifications and you can now have several modes per section. It took me some time for it required to rethink quite many parts of the overall app’s infrastructure, but I hope this will make it more convenient.


I’ve tried to install your new version from scratch and it gives errors because what’s displayed on screen under thermostat isn’t designed properly.

The OtherDevice stuff seems to mess up the selection of setpoint based on mode or simply desired setpoint.

Selecting a device that we would want to turn off the thermostat is what’s causing the display to change and the way I read the code that’s not the desired purpose.

It’s also showing that in the log a lot:
groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_app_5bba2ab7444f4e45cc89bc479a4be31c12a48a5a04eb32dc40320fb95c0a55fe.pauseExecution() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [200] @line 824 (Master)

Contacts open and Windows open was also complaining of .size not ok on null.

I’ve also had issue because of “NOT EVALUATING BECAUSE AI Database HASN’T BEEN INSTALLED YET”, I had to remove the comment in front of createdb right under it in both the older version and that new version for it to start doing something.

I think you should really try a brand new install from scratch, you will see it’s messy but your idea is really good. I hope you can fix it so it work right from scratch.

Thanks so much! I know I have to redesign it. I think I’m going to simplify it to keep working on the A.I. database only, now that with HE I can build a bigger database (this is still the one I could built within ST limitations to 100K). I’ll look into it. Also, I haven’t updated it too recently while I have added many modifications already, but I haven’t tried a fresh install yet.

Thanks so much for your feed back, this is most precious.

You might want to comment out all ‘pauseExecution()’ commands for they are not compatible with ST (this is an Hubitat feature)

Fresh new version, highly simplified in this sense that it works only as an A.I… It will not control your thermostats but will remember your inputs and set a dimmer accordingly which you can use as a global variable (providing you know how to install a virtual dimmer on your platform, of course).

If anyone is still reading this, I have updated the app.