Nuki vs Danalock and security systems in apartment buildings

Hey all!

I once had this very doubt, and at that moment the answer was clear… but I let time pass and finally I’m taking the plunge… but… has it changed?

The doubt is between the Danalock and the Nuki lock…

Ideally I need a lock that’s secure… obviously… but also that it helps me in the task of letting the Home know who’s coming and leaving at any given time… considering that I live in an apartment building with a community area and some restaurants within the same block… so I can’t rely on GPS based location awareness… wouldn’t want to have the door open while I’m going up/down on the elevator…

Also, ideally it should be a system that doesn’t involve installing Tasker or other apps on people’s phones… I’m fine with installing stuff… but most people that I interact with don’t feel at all comfortable with that…

Ideas? I know it’s a 2 part question… the Danalock/Nuki dilema and the security system…

Bluetooth has a much shorter range than GPS detection, but it might still be too far for an apartment building. I know Nuki is about 10 meters.

Does it have to be hands-free, or could you use an NFC tag? Also, do you have an iPhone or an android phone?


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Ideally it would be hands free… at least for me… as I’m in a wheelchair… but it could use nfc as well…

So your bet goes to Nuki? Thanks JD! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m not suggesting Nuki over Danalock, I just happened to know the Nuki detection distance.

Would the 10 m work for you? If so, you just need a lock with Bluetooth detection. :sunglasses:

Right! LOL

It would… yes… but I’m worried about the link between The lock, the phone and the Home… I just can’t see the easy route to solve this… :slight_smile:


Can you elaborate, Nuki locks can be controlled in multiple ways:

  1. You can control them through SmartThings, you can create rules to unlock/lock your door using presence sensors. Presence sensors can be your phone (GPS) or an external sensor (zigbee etc)
  2. You can control the using a Nuki keypad mounted outside your door
  3. You can have them automatically unlock via Bluetooth using the native Nuki app on your phone when you get within 30ft or so (what JD was saying)
  4. You can use the Nuki opener (like a intercom extension) to unlock the lock

Comes down to what you’re looking at

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I haven’t had much success with these devices… batteries don’t last a month for me… :slightly_frowning_face:

That would be awesome… but only for entry… Not sure about when someone leaves the house and there’s someone else inside…

One of the “requests” of this task was to not have to install apps on people’s phones… :slight_smile:

Hmm… that’s interesting… but not compatible with my building’s intercom… the Opener requires an analog intercom while mine is digital… darn…

I did use for a while the code below in a raspberry pi which worked like a charm… but for some obscure reason that escapes my understanding it just stopped working altogether and the dev has since moved on from ST… if any of you can install it and install domoticz and tell me why it stops working after not too long…

In any case, here’s a big THANK YOU from Spain to you all!

I believe it works with both analog and digital, digital is more limited but there’s some documentation about how to use it with digital.

Nice to know… will dig into that… but still… I’m still looking for an easy way, both for me as the admin as well as for the users to use, for the system to know when X person has come and gone from the home… given all the particular conditions of this location…

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