Notify Option for Schlage BE369NX Door Lock

Hey everyone, this is my first post, so I hope I’m doing it correctly. Here is my issue. My Schlage BE369NX has been a great addition to my network. However, I was surprised to find out that in the ST app, you can’t set a ‘Notify if Open Longer Than X amount of minutes’ (as you can with a door sensor). I sent ST support an email and they confirmed that this feature is not available for door locks and they suggested I reach out to the community board. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

@mission031, I would suggest that you look up Home On Unlock Too. I think this has an option or can be modified to work in the way you that you need above. There are multiple home and security apps in the IDE as well.

What type of notification do you need? A Push or a SMS message?

Thanks for the info. I’m not too knowledgeable about customizing that code to fit my needs. If there’s a link to a tutorial though, I can certainly try to follow it. I was looking for a text message, just something letting me know if my kids haven’t locked the door when they’ve returned home.

The original writer of the code is in here. I am sure, if the code doesn’t do what you want, that he can add that option. I think it will do that though. Just need to add it to your applications through the IDE, and then give it a try. You might need to change up the Locks Device type as well. I think he has instructions out there on how to accomplish this for you

Hello @mission031, I am new to SmartThings and wanted to know which lock you chose on the list of options for setup to enroll your BE369NX? I have a ton of these at my house and want to see if I can get away with using SmartThings instead of Nexia - can you please advise which option under “Marketplace” you chose, I only see the Schlage Touchscreens (the BE369NX is a standard keypad, old school style and a manual deadbolt) and the Schlage Keypad Lever. Also, are you able to include multiple codes and manage them easily and safely? Thank you in advance for any input.

You can use any of the Schlage types in the ST Marketplace. They all use the same ST standard device handler and the lock will work with any of them.

If you’re looking for utilizing the advanced features for Schlage locks and programming codes into the lock you should try the apps below (it requires access to the RBoyApps server)

Thank you, I am kind of staying away for now - until maybe some testing I can do - due to so many people’s comments that this specific lock from Schlage has issues enrolling and staying enrolled and simply working effectively. I appreciate the time in setting this out for me. Thank you

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No issues. We have 3 FE599 locks amongst others with us, the issue you’re referring to is a generic issue which is impacting all beaming devices (locks thermostats etc). However there some great locks out there you may want to consider while doing your research. See this comparison table I whipped up: