Notification based on sensor and time? Help

Hey All, I am a new Smartthings user and can not figure out how to do this and was looking for some help please:

We have an outside dog door that needs to be closed before sunset. How can I receive a notification if the dog door (with open close sensor) is not open by sunset or a set time? Ideally I would have it send me a text, phone call and / or change Hue lights to a different color.

You can actually do this with the built in Smart Home Monitor App under Custom Rule. You have to choose more options to bring up the time periods.

However, I would suggest you look into webCoRE for your Rule Engine. It’s pretty complete but can be a little overwhelming for new-comers. Check it out here:

Thanks, I see it and will test. Will have to look into webCoRE but need to see if too complex.

Until I have time to figure out webCoRE I am not able to make this work with Smart Home Monitor Custom Rules. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but I feel like I have tested everything 4 times and still no luck. It works if the door is opened during the selected time frame however if the door is open already when the time frame starts it does not notify. Again, the purpose is to be notified at sunset or set time IF the door gate door is still open and needs someone to close it. Anyway, If you have a quick tip on making this work it would be great. Thanks for reading!

webCoRE is something that you’ll “need” for a happy ST experience. At least IMHO. ST even hired the Author!

Your Piston (rule) would be:

If Time Happens at X
Contact is Open
Then Using Location
Send Notification

It’s as simple as that. Go ahead and just dive in on the install. It’s painless. You just need to get familiar with the ST IDE and get hooked up with GitHub and you’ll be all set.

The instructions for the install will show you step by step.

I use Super Notifier for something similar to what you’re trying to do. One of the things I like about Super Notifier is not only will it send an alert, but you can have it send a periodic reminder until said door is closed and then, if you choose, have it send another message when it finally is closed. I’m sure this would work for you, check it out. [RELEASE] Super Notifier - All your alerts in one place!

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Thanks for the push. I will dive in this weekend.

Will check it out Jimmy. Thanks for the suggestions.