Notify at certain time if switch is at certain position?

Hello everyone, I tried searching, but struggled finding this exact info. I’m sure it’s on the forum, so I apologize for creating a new thread for this.

I have the Monoprice Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor ( and Schlage FE469NX.

My goal is just to have something notify me (either push notification through SmartThings, or through PushOver app on my phone, which I currently use for my front door open/close notification (also with a monoprice door/window sensor) based on the a certain open/close position.

For example, at 9pm every day, I want to be notified if the garage door is open, or the front door is unlocked. If the garage door is closed and the front door is locked, I would receive no notification.

Thank you guys in advance! I love this community, I hope I didn’t break any rules by posting here :slight_smile:

You Can definitely do this with core:

I do this exact thing in CoRE. Note that the logic is an AND, so no notification if the window is closed.


Perfect! Thank you! I had tried using CoRE to set it up, but I was missing that step :slight_smile: