Notifications on REST API

Where are they? I can’t find any documentation on how to create a message or notification in the new REST API on my webhook SmartApp… Is it missing? :thinking:

Hi, there! Yes, it is not included in the documents yet, but you can take a look at the example in the post below, it’s a SmartApp that creates a simple notification:

Thank you!

  "type": "EVENT_LOGGING",
  "locationId": "<LOCATION_ID>",
  "messages": [
      "en": {
        "body": "Hello world!",
        "title": "Message"

The response I get back:

{"code":"UnauthorizedError","target":null,"message":"Invalid scope","details":[]}}

What’s the required scope for Notifications? Thanks for your help.


I got it, I guess I’ll leave localization to another day.

  "type": "AUTOMATION_INFO",
  "message": "Hello World!",
  "title": "Hello",
  "locationId": <LOCATION_ID>



Thanks again.

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Awesome! No problem, remember to mark the post that answered your question as the Solution.
I’ll be around in case you have more questions. Thanks!

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Thanks, I am still curious about the localization capabilities of this API, since it seems to be hinted at in the SDK.

{en_us: ...},{en_uk: ...}, {default: ...}(?) ect ect seem to be valid under this, but I get an ‘Out of scope.’ Error.

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I see, let me verify more information about this configuration and I’ll you know.

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Hey, I’m back. Our engineering team has this feature under review yet, so those extra configurations aren’t available yet.
Once they make an official release, proper documentation for this function will be updated.