Not sure where to post but What happens if your Internet goes down?

cause that never happens right? i assume you are SOL right? it appears everything goes through the cloud and this system has no survivability? am i wrong?

From experience and by pure logic

All Cloud to cloud automations stop
All non local smartapps stop (99% of apps)
You’re phone app can’t control your hub
local processed apps keep runnning until the internet comes back

When it all comes back up you might spend a couple of hours working out which systems have stopped responding. Until you create static IP’s on your router

However that is one better than a full power cut as that only happens at night and when it is finished all the lights come on at 100% while the hub spends 5 mins reconnecting you also lose the internet and trip a few fuses.

That said usually it goes down everything stops working
It comes back up - you wait 5 mins - everything starts working again just like magic.

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The V2 hub is a hybrid system, with most activities running in the cloud but a few eligible to run locally as well if the Internet is not available. It’s complicated, but The following should help cover the details:

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I went to (linked from the thread that JDRoberts linked above), and after logging in I don’t see any entries.

I have Smart Lighting and about 8 automations for some very basic devices. What did I do wrong (or forget to do) to make sure these basic devices and Smart Lighting are whitelisted? If the process is described in the above thread, I couldn’t find it :frowning:

Thanks … Mike

PS - my “basic devices” are the GE Smart Switch and the Aeon Smart Energy Switch. Nothing fancy :wink:

There’s nothing you as a customer can do to change what runs locally except maybe switch to a standard device handler if you had been using a custom one. However, the links to check your own account’s list are different depending on which server your account is on. If you go to a link for a different server, you’ll still be allowed to sign in, but the list will be blank.

Most likely you’re on a different server. The community-created wiki keeps up with the links as more servers are added, older forum posts may not. See the following:

Thanks, yes that was the problem. I had not seen that Wiki before, I have bookmarked it.

I’m surprised SmaartThings isn’t using a balancer.

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The V2 hub has offline mode but it doesn’t work very well. You’ll wish things just completely stopped working as opposed to being on a 2-3 minuted delay. The delay is annoying.

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