Why are there Hub outages with 2.0 Hubs

I thought with the new hubs we were not going to be dependent on the cloud server. Im here on day two of my hub being non responsive and im not alone. WTF. and yes i have contacted support with no response.

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We must be ‘special’ because they said the issue was resolved. Everything is operational.


Last incident was brief:
Some users briefly experienced issues with device control and SmartApp execution this morning from 4:30a to 5:00a PDT. We are investigating the underlying cause of the issue, and are continuing to implement fixes & monitoring tools to mitigate similar occurrences in the future. If you are experiencing continued issues, please contact Support.

What we thought we were going to get with regards to local processing in V2 and what we actually got were two very different things.

At the present time, only a very few things can run locally: basically the official smart lighting automations, a tiny bit of SHM, and those only if the devices being used are also eligible to run locally.

Many things are still dependent on the cloud, including routines, any use of Phillips hue bulbs, all notifications, all locks, the mobile app itself, Etc.

Details in the following thread

SmartThings is a highly flexible and versatile platform, but it is still mostly cloud dependent.

This is exactly why I am sticking with my 1.0 hub. Why go through painful migration to have more instability. Yikes.

Well, there’s that inoperative Bluetooth radio.



They almost turned my v2 into v1 so they can make the pain of altering my failed local apps less miserable…