Nortek - 3 way switches?

I was looking at Wemo stuff and noticed that they aren’t usable for 3 way switches but I stumbled across a Nortek switch which is Z - wave and was told that there is a tool out there that you can use to synch the two switches together. Anyone ever seen them or try them?

This question just came up earlier today.

And if you read that same thread from the top it discusses exactly the question you just asked. :sunglasses:

Serious? Ah, I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t do as much legwork on this one. I was reading this

Serious, yes. The WT00Z1 model is the same as the Linear WT00Z1 and the GoControl WT00Z1. Just a different box.

The one that’s branded go control is sold at both Best Buy and Home Depot and is quite popular. Although there are many different brands of zwave switches that can operate as a three-way. Again, details discussed in the thread linked to above.

Just ordered some switches and a remote, looking forward to playing with it this weekend.