Nooie Product Brand Integration

Please, please, add support for Nooie smart products, specifically the bulbs. Lots of us have this brand but can’t use them in SmartThings app. Thank you.

You should contact Nooie and request the integration from their end. It is up to the companies to integrate their products with ST as the Nooie would own and maintain the cloud-to-cloud integration. :slight_smile:

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As @jkp says, it’s up to Nooie to create an integration with smartthings if they want to.

In the meantime, there’s nothing to be done about the cameras, but if you use the plugs or bulbs with the Smart Life app, you can create tap to run scenes in the smart life app and get partial integration that way.

Some community members have said they get better integration with the Tuya Smart app, you can try both and see which works best for you.

To find these integrations in the SmartThings app, choose “add a device,” then search by brand name.