Noise Sensor?

I have automated my home with various smart gadgets, however I am missing one sensor. My house has a sump pump system to pump sewer out to the system. It has an alarm system to alert the occupants if it fails at any time (high fluid levels). I have a Z-wave water valve to shut the water when I am away from home. I would like a to install a sensor to detect the noise of the alarm in case of a pump failure and trigger the water valve. Any suggestions?.

The first thing I would look at is the Leeo to see if it will respond to your alarm. It is intended for exactly this purpose. It is an acoustic sensor which responds only to specific alarm patterns. It started out as a way of getting a notification if nonnetworked smoke alarms went off when you were away from home, then they added carbon monoxide alarms and now they also do water leak alarms. It may respond to your sump pump alarm as well.

It’s a nice device, list price $49 but often on sale for about 30. You plug it in and it can send notifications via Wi-Fi to its own app or it has an IFTTT service/channel so you can get indirect integration with SmartThings.

Because it is specific to certain kinds of siren patterns, it eliminates the false alarm issue that most acoustic sensors have. :sunglasses:

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Thanks I will try that

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It responds to my 3 year olds fire truck toy. It calls me up and says “We heard this alert go off”.


my alarm is a shrieking continuous sound. i understand this sensor responds to intermittent sounds. Hope it will work?

You’ll have to try it and see. But it doesn’t merely respond to “intermittent sounds,” it responds to specific patterns at specific decibel levels. Most water leak alerts are a continuous sound, so there’s a good chance it will work. :sunglasses:

Smart Alert water alarm detection works with any continuous tone alarm.

Sadly the Leto app does not work in Canada. I had the same issue with Alexa app but I managed to get it working but only some skills. Thanks for the advice

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Aeotec has a sound sensor coming out… in “2017”. It looks like a neat little sensor. Who knows when it’ll arrive though.

@JDRoberts, Do you think I can use this sensor? FIBARO - Z-Wave Universal Binary Sensor, FGBS-001

Not for the use case as you’ve described it, it’s not an acoustic sensor. If your current device is a hardwired siren, you might be able to wire it in line, it just depends how the siren is triggered.

However, as far as I know that’s only available on the UK frequency. Do you have a UK frequency smartthings hub?

@JDRoberts, .No I am in Canada, mine is a US sock ST

@JDRoberts, Yes the siren is hard wired, it can be connected to any an electrical sensor which can emit Z-wave signal but I will need a device handler to integrate with ST but the voltage has to be reduced as the current one is 110V .

@anon36505037, Thanks I was thinking in the same line.Do you think I can hard wire a dry contact which can relay the signal to ST

@anon36505037, Thanks, I will try. Just ordered Aeon dry contact

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Thanks will do

@anon36505037, As I understand the dry contact has a on and off switch that is activated by the magnet of the mate. Which intern send a Z-wave signal to my hub. I have never opened one of these. I assume that I connect the two terminals of the step down transformer from the alarm to the on and off switch.

I guess I must ask what is a dumb relay

I research a little bit more on this dry contact. How do I get an external sensor set up for my sewer pump alarm to mach the specs needed for the Aeotec dry contact ( The frequency of state change for the external sensor should be less than 4Hz or the minimum triggering time should be more than 250ms.)

Thanks, this make sense. I thought I have to configure a power relay coil. (12V DC Coil Power Relay LY2NJ HH62P-L JQX-13F10A With Socket New) this should give me the right specks as required by the Aeon sensor. Thanks again, I will order this now and try it when they arrive.

Thanks I got it now.