Leeo for $25

Not directly integrated with ST, but uses IFTTT.


$25 is half off! Here is how you can integrate the Leeo Smoke Smart Alert with ST.

I think this is one of the best ways to integrate smart or dumb smoke/co detectors into ST. I have two that cover the house and they work great. I test them monthly or so and haven’t had any problems. And I have various IFTTT actions to change the LED colors depending on weather, door open/close status, etc.

Edit: I got mine for $30 each, so this is a good deal.


There $24.99 on eBay plus free shipping.

Takes a lot of smoke to get down to receptacle level. My bed sits much higher. I think the smoke we get me before it gets to a smoke detector 16" above the floor.

This isn’t a smoke/co detector. It listens for the alarm from your existing ones. Looks like they are back at full price, though.


Looks like Best Buy has it for 25 as well, but only in store pickup is available


OK that makes much more sense