Nodon wall switch

Hi I’m quite new to smartthings and having trouble configuring the nodon wall switch. I have used the device handler linked from web page and it looks okay in the classic app, but the problem is that I can’t seem to find a way to assign anything to the buttons.

Hi @Jensg,

Welcome to SmartThings!

If this device properly showed up, it should look like some type of button controller. You can validate by checking in the IDE for your device. You should see something like this for current states:

This is for my 4 button Aeon Minimote

In the Classic app, it should look like this:

To assign functions/action to each of those buttons, go to the Marketplace in the Classic app. You get there by tapping on Automation at the bottom, then SmartApps, then scroll to the bottom and select Add a SmartApp. Next, scroll all the way down and select More. You’ll see the app called Button Controller at the top.

When you go to install and set this up, you should see 5 devices for that switch. 1 main device, and 4 buttons. Something similar to what mine looks like for my Minimote devices:

Select the main device, not the individual button, which in the example above would be “Downstairs Minimote”. When you do that, you’ll be given options to configure each button and what it controls.

I think once you try this you’ll see what I mean. Give that a try and let us know how it goes.

The new Samsung Connect app would be a different process if you decide to try that app instead.

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In case this helps anyone looking at it:

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Quick follow up question. Is there any device handlers that unlocks the ability to use the long press function. Don’t seem to work with the dth from nodon.

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