[OBSOLETE] Support for Nodon OCTAN z-wave Remote (DTH in post 32) (also works for Soft Remote)


how can I get SmartThings to support this cool z-wave remote?


Thanks for your help!

I don’t think you will be able to since ST doesn’t currently support scenes

When the Octan remote is in “Gateway” Mode, it only communicates with the home
automation gateway, in order to launch scenes when the buttons are pressed.
However, if your home automation gateway does not support scenes features, it
is still possible to create direct association between the remote control and the
compatible devices you want to control, through configuration parameters and
association groups. 

thanks for the quick reply… that means that it will not be possible that ST will support this later?

Which remote is the best that works well with ST?

Hi Bee_Jay,
We are curently working to make the Octan remote working with ST.
It should work for january.


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Great, please keep me updated! Love the Octan remote.

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Hi NodOn https://community.smartthings.com/users/NodOn,
any news on the remote working with ST?


Hi Bee_Jay,
Still working on it… :wink:

Okay thank you :smile:

Hi Aurelien, any news on this? Thanks, Benjamin

Hi Bee Jay,
Everything is done for us. We have submitted this to Smarthings and waiting for their approval :smile:

Wow great! Can you maybe send me the device type code already now so I can beta test for you? Would be great! Thanks

I’m sorry but what do you mean by “the device type code” ?
It should work on next week :wink: I’ll notify once ready for tests.

Sounds great! Thanks, I will wait for next week

Hi, is there any news about this topic? I’ve different Nodon remote control that I’m trying to connect to my ST system and then, waiting for news…


Hi, I hate to do this but it seems that you were close to a solution then suddenly no news anymore. Would you pls provide a feedback? Thanks.

Would also love to get any news! Would hate to sell my Nodon Octans… :frowning:

I managed to get it working for the four button presses using Button Controller.

It paired as an Aeon Key Fob, so I created a local device handler based on the Aeon Key Fob code.

I had to make a small change to process the Z-Wave Central Scene Notification into button presses, but having done that it seems to work.

def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.centralscenev1.CentralSceneNotification cmd) {
Integer button = cmd.sceneNumber
log.debug(“Scene $button selected”)
buttonEvent(button, false)

Great news!
Could you maybe post the exact steps that I need to do in order to get it work?

Thank you!

I reset the Octan and then paired it in Gateway mode, as described in its manual.

It was detected by SmartThings as an Aeon Key Fob, so I created a new device handler based on the Aeon code and added the lines I posted.
Then I switched the Octan over to the new device handler in the developer console.

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Great thank you!
At which position did you add that code exactly? Maybe can you post the whole device handler including the new code?

Also how did you program the keys to do actions/things in SmartThings afterwards?

Thank you!!