No way to get 2 Hue bridges connected to Smartthings anymore?

hello, i decided to start over setting up my hole ecosystem. so erased all of my devices on both smartthings, and hue. reason for this was to get the latest dedge drivers for Smartthings, and i also reconnected som bulbs on hue that responded faster after reconnecting. So i decided to do it all over. but now i am unable to get more than one Hue bridge on to Smartthings. I dont remember how i did it the first time, i think i hooked the hue bridge up to my hue account one at a time, and then connected the hue account to Smartthings again. resulting in all hue bridges and bulbs on Smartthings… but now i cant find anyway to hook more than one hue account or bridge in Smartthings… help? i am closing in on certified insanity!!!

There is no issue with 2 Hue bridges using @blueyetisoftware 's driver…

Running with 2 hubs and can recommend so have not tried with the new ST integration :+1:


it worked!! only little thing that troubled me, was that you have to push the button on the hue bridge twice. once i figured that out, it works perfectly. thank you for showing me this, and thank you to the genius people who made this possible. not a big issue, but. hue sensors is showing up in smartthings if you connect the traditional way now, they dont with this driver. but totally worth to trade for multiple bridges, but would have been nice to get sensors to.

I am seeing Hue buttons and motion sensors with this driver although updating is not 100% dynamic yet - there is a driver update in the pipeline though that will rectify this :+1:

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You don’t need to press it twice. If you did, then you may be running both the ST driver and the driver I built. You can look in the settings menu for the hub device under Driver to see which one is in use.

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the first press found the hub, but no bulbs. second press all the bulbs appeared in smartthings. its entirely possible that i did something wrong. but everything works now, so i will leave it as it is. smartthings is not the developer of the driver, its 7616e454… so i think its yours. also i disconnected Philips hue as connected service, so i think its correct. thank you for making it possible, great work :wink:

@jacob_holm sounds like you are running both the ST implementation and this driver.

This driver does not discover individual bulbs by default. It only discovers bulbs after setting a switch in the main hub device settings (which defaults to off).


That’s correct. The button press pairs the driver to the Hue Hub. After that, everything uses that pairing. Any further button presses just put your Hue in pairing mode, but it doesn’t effect the driver.

The second press was likely captured by the ST DTH since their edge driver isn’t out yet. I would ensure you have everything on the correct drivers. If all you want is bulb control, the ST DTH works well. The edge driver would be better for rooms, scenes, multiple bridges, etc. More advanced stuff.

okay. i don’t know what i could have done differently the first time, but i deleted the hue bridges and started over. now the bulbs came with the first push. it’s a good thing i haven’t made that many routines that involved the lights yet… thanks again

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The bulbs are from the ST driver not mine, but I’m glad you are happy. Good luck :+1: