Multiple Hue Bridges Still Not working

Since the update (yesterdays, very nice I might add, SmartThings is getting better and better.) I can now add multiple bridges and have them add the correct bulbs however SmartThings is only working with one hub once added. I can add a hue bridge, then add bulbs and things work. When I go to add a second bridge the second bridge is the only one that works. The first bridge and its bulbs don’t respond to commands via the SmartThings app. Only the most recent bridge and bulbs respond to commands.

I take this back. I was playing around and prior to this update I was able at one point to get multiple bridges working now though the same issue as before is popping up. It appears that it has something to do based on the code and the logs that bulbs are getting associated with the wrong hub, also the connect app is saving things in state again and so bulbs are trying to talk to the wrong parent. It appears that this is happening in the smart app as the device type is talking to the parent, not the right hub.