No Neutral, Outlets ok?

@Todd_Whitehead brings up a really important point: before making the device selection, you should think through the entire use case. Once you have a table lamp plugged into the pocket socket, how will that lamp be controlled? Of course if you’re going to run everything off automated schedules, it’s not an issue. But if people still turn off the table lamp using the regular mechanism on the lamp, the lamp will not be able to be turned on again from the network.

The best way to address this will vary by household. At my house, we have a lot of visitors, including home healthcare workers and my housemates’ friends. We ended up getting the Amazon Echo and using voice as our primary means of “on demand” light control. Hardly anyone goes near a switch, and we don’t need to worry about pre-authorizing anyone or whether they have a smart phone with them. :sunglasses:

A lot of community members just use a minimote, which is a very small handheld button remote with four buttons. You can get them for $25 or even a little less, and obviously they can be set up to control multiple lamps or different combinations of lamps from different buttons.

Some people do want to have a button by each lamp, and there are some options for that as well.

Other people use motion sensors to control lighting.

So there are a lot of options, and again it just depends on what will work for your particular household. How many people do you have to accommodate, are the people who live there all the time or do you also have frequent visitors. How tech savvy are they. How willing are they to change their normal habits. All of that.

The following topic (this is a clickable link) list the remotes and buttons that most people use.

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