*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

I have been using Ecobee (connect) and overall was pretty happy with it, but recently installed and configured Ask Alexa, and wanted to take advantage of some of the options of this app. Then of course I see that it’s pay, which I have no problems with. Just curious about a few basic bits of info.

  1. Does paying for the app include free upgrades to new version? Or does that require paying for support?
  2. How often are updates released?
    Other then integration with Ask Alexa (which is a nice one), what features will this give me over Ecobee (Connect).

Screen shots look nice, and it looks like a lot of effort has been put into this, so I’ll be happy to support this kind of development. :slight_smile:

Hi @ptdalen,

  1. See my terms of servcice at my store. There are limited updates unless you pay for continous support.

  2. As the code is stable, updates are provided when required (for new features or bug correction)

  3. See the 1st post for more details on the additional features over the stock ST device


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Just a quick question I can’t seem to find the answer to.

Is there a way to detect a trigger event or something like that for when the heat / ac unit is on (running).

Curious if there was an easy way to capture the cycle time to set up some type of local logging for just me.


You’d need to subscribe to thermostatOperatingState in a smartapp…

Or you can use groveStreams… See here:

I’ve already created a smartapp for it (available at my github) and here are some graph examples:



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Hi @TN_Oldman

Just be careful with GroveStreams though, as it can become quite expensive depending on your plan.


Thanks, I looked at what you sent. Seems a bit more than what I want. Also looked like you said I could accidentally run up a bill if not very careful.

I am using this to capture events.

Was just pondering a way to toss in the cycle time of my heating system to the mix. It seems it is beyond my current capability since I can’t code and I haven’t found a smart app to use to just subscribe to the thermostatOperatingState and put out a switch or contact that would follow it so grab basic on / off events.

I can just use the data provided by Ecobee (on their website) wasn’t that important. Things / ideas just pop into my head sometimes and I like to try and figure out how to do it.

Thanks for the initial answer and the follow up.

I DO appreciate everything you guys do to make things for us (that can’t code) work better, and the advice and directions when we need help this the simple/ obvious stuff.

I think the Simple Event Logger SmartApp allows you to log the thermostatOperatingState events…

Yeah, I just figured out what I was doing wrong in the app to get the operating state to log. I looked right past it several times.

Ignore me while I go beat my head against the wall for missing something soooo obvious!!! DUH!!!

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Gotta say this is pretty awesome. I love all the options in smart apps that come with it and the focus on detail. By far best device handler and smart apps for any product I have.


By far the most thorough app /device handler for ecobee out there.

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Great app, worth the investment/donation. Would love to see a somewhat more structured user manual so as to get the most out of all the features. Thanks for your awesome work.

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Hi @capt9859,

Everything is documented under the ST community wiki.

For My Ecobee device, refer to all documentation here (especially the configuration and
troubleshooting sections):


All ecobee smartapps are documented here:



I’ve been using an earlier version (3.9) for quite awhile now and loved it. Unfortunately, I never got around to updating it the version 4…or now version 5. I’ve also got some Keen vents now, so really looking forward to upgrading to the latest version and getting on one of your SmartApps to automate the vents/rooms/ecobee! Oh…and Ask Alexa too!

Really appreciate all your time and efforts!

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Hey @yvesracine,

Got my ecobee3 today and can’t wait to run it with your code. I’ll let everyone on this post know how it goes. Working with 3 Iris Sensors, 1 ecobee3 sensor, 2 keen vents and the ecobee3. Wiring in my house is from the 60s w/ No c-wire so wish me luck.


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Following the ST mobile v2.3.0 release, I sent out a new version (v5.8.5) to all my active contributors in order to correct some minor ST rendering issues (between the iOS and Android versions, some compromises have to be made sometimes)…

The new version is available at my store



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FYI for anyone who didn’t get it but usually does, check your spam filter. For some reason Google decided this and the last one were spam.

Installed My Ecobee V5 DH and the smartapp for my 2 ecobee thermostats. Now I notice I have 4 thermostats showing - the 2 originally discovered by Smartthings on installation, and the 2 in My Ecobee:

Master Suite
Main Floor
My Ecobee Master Suite
My Ecobee Main Floor.

I have a few questions.

  1. Can I simply delete the original thermostats in the IDE? They show as “OFFLINE” anyway. Or are they required for connection to the Ecobee server?

  2. Can I then rename the My Ecobee thermostats to shorter names like “Master Suite”? This would be easier with Ask Alexa.

  3. I will be adding a 3rd thermostat when it arrives. What would be a good way to integrate it to avoid the duplication? Or should I just add it as normal and then delete when I add it to My Ecobee?


Hi, here are my answers to your questions:

  1. Yes, you can delete the stock ST devices.

  2. Yes, no problems, you can rename them to shorter names.

  3. You just need to re-execute MyEcobeeInit in the ST Mobile app under Automations/Smartapps and add the new thermostat along with the others.

You don’t need to use the ST stock ecobee connect at all.



Really enjoying this app.

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This app just made my Ecobee way more powerful and I couldn’t be happier :slight_smile: Install was pretty easy (I have installed smart apps and custom device handlers before, but am by no means an expert.) I was able to hook this up to CORE very easily. I use Alexa to kick off a Smartthings routine which then sets my A/C to 68 degrees, waits 4 hours, and then resumes the regular schedule. I also have another routine that cranks it up to 74 degrees, waits 60 mins, and then resumes the regular schedule.