rgbSelector default hue and saturation to 100

Hello I have just finished up some code using the rgbSelector and I have one gripe. That is that when you go to select a color you have to select the color and then set hue and saturation level. This just doesn’t seem very fluid. Is there a way to adjust the rgbSelector code that when a color is selected both hue and saturation are defaulted to 100. My thought with this is that if I am picking a color… I want to see that color. With hue and saturation defaulted to 0 you just see white.

If there is another way to accomplish this please let me know.

@slagle is this something that needs to be looked at?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

@jody.albritton, @vlad, @tslagle13. Any advice on this. Is there another way to accomplish this?

@jjhtpc Not sure what you are specifically asking. The implementation we use is documented here.


Are you asking a SmartApp question or an API question?

API question. I would like to see the rgbSelector to have a default range for the hue saturation slider to be 100 - 0 instead of 0 - 100.