No dropcam listed in Which? List

Hi, I followed the directions on adding dropcam (my dropcam was already configured and works fine on their site). After I put my user/password, I get the Which? (top to set), when I tap nothing is listed.

I dont subscribe to dropcam cloud recording, is that the problem? I thought this would work without it…

any ideas?


I’m having the same issue. I had a working setup that all of a sudden stopped. When I try to view cameras is dropcam connect, none are listed.


I finally got it working by

  • rebooting my hub
  • upgrading my hub (someone at smartthings did)
  • resetting my dropcam password
  • removing may camera and adding it back

waiting a bit.

then it started working. Not sure which of these did it…


My issue was related to the conversion of my dropcam and nest accounts. In smartthings the login for dropcam connect was my dropcam username and password. Using those credentials would allow me to login but not display cameras. Once I changed to use my nest email and password, my cameras appeared and all is well.

I am assuming that you don’t have the nest camera as they are not recognized by ST.