NGD00Z garage door controller and Alexa

I installed my Nutone NGD00Z garage door controller tonight and it works wonderfully.

I also use the Amazon Echo and I really wanted to be able to control the door with it (yes, I know someone can stand outside and tell my house to open the doors, I don’t care… I have great insurance).

The install is very easy. It took me about 15 minutes from start to finish.

  1. Find a place to mount the controller. Make sure it is close enough to an outlet.
  2. Mount the controller (do not plug it in yet)
  3. run the wiring. Find the two connections for the push button and insert the wires. It doesn’t matter which wire goes to each post. They are interchangeable (as per the directions) ** The two large white wires are the ones coming from the Nutone Controller
  4. place the garage door position sensor. I put mine at the very top of the door. Since that is the last part to go back vertical it will not change status until the door is fully closed.
  5. plug in the controller
  6. Start the ST device discovery. Press the button on the side of the controller. Wait for the discovery and configure.
  7. Run one full cycle of the garage door with the wall push button
  8. Run one full cycle of the garage door using the ST app
  9. Create a virtual switch called Garage Door in the ST API
  10. Give Alexa permission to see the garage door switch.
  11. Have Alexa discover your devices. Verify the switch is added.
  12. Create a routine called Garage Door Open in the ST app
  13. Create a second routine called Garage Door Closed in the ST app
  14. If you do not have it already, download and install the app Alexa Helper
    Alexa Helper - Change mode or phrase with a switch toggle
  15. Configure Alexa Helper to connect the Garage Door VS to the two routines.
  16. Tell Alexa to open and close the garage door!!!

Note you can say “Alexa, Open the garage door” and “Alexa, Close the garage door” instead of “turn on or turn off”.
Also, unlike the wall push button, once the door has started to travel via the app or echo, you must wait until the door has completed its action before reversing it.

Now the after pictures… since the before pictures would have been just a blank spot on the ceiling and door in my garage.


Really enjoyed this comment had me laughing !!!


Thank you for this write up, now I can have Alexa close the garage. One thing though, how is it that this works with the phrase “Alexa close the garage” and the usual turn on/off isn’t needed? I only ask because I like to understand things, and I would like to tell Alexa to “Set alarm to away” versus "turn on alarm away ". Any input is greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for this write up.

Hello @Alex_H

Basically, It’s all in the programming on the Alexa side.

I do know that you can tell her things like “Set the chair light to 75%” and she does it. You can also tell her “Turn on chair light to 75%” and she does it.

Just experiment with her and see what she understands and doesn’t.

I have notice though, that the more integrations that occur on the Alexa side, the slower and more clearly I have to talk to her.

Ok. Thanks for the tips!

I cant seem to locate a How to on this step. can someone point me to it

I have installed MichaelStruck : Alexa Helper and MichaelStruck : Alexa Helper-Scenario

I forgot to mention i have the GD00Z-4 from lowe that works in ST just cant figure out the alexa side

Hey there. Follow this link. In post #2 of the thread I provide a like to the device handler that I use. Once that is installed, post #4 gives you step by step on getting Alexa to work without using a smart app or Alexa helper.

In this case, since you are using the gd00z controller you do not need the smart app.


Just to clarify, using the gd00z device handler that I posted I’m using in the links above, you do not have to use any smartapps to tie the controller to Alexa n

i only see a link to the helper app?? i am old and blind though

When you installed the controller. Did you install the custom device type? Or did you just install the controller and start the finding devices feature in the mobile app?

just the start finding no custom device type

Ok, if you follow the link I posted above you will see where I posted in that thread about the custom device type I’m using.

Follow that and install the device type in the API.

If you have trouble doing that, follow this link on how to do it.

thanks ill take a look

just wanted to say thanks for the help garage works with ST and Alexa now.

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Awesome! I’m glad to help any time.

Hello, This looks like a great write up. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge. A few questions:

-Are you able to ask, “Alexa, is the garage open?” and “Alexa, is the garage closed?”
-We have two garage doors. Will ST and Echo support the installation of two NGD00Z devices?


Thanks for sharing this very useful piece of information

@ucdscott @cONC123

Yes, ST will support more than one garage door, just give them different names.
No, you can not ask Alexa If a door is open or closed. She will on perform tasks, not give feedback.
There is a community developed smartapp, askAlexa, which really takes the ST and Alexa integration to a whole new level. I’m sure you’re going to want that app.

If you ask Alexa to close the garage and it’s already closed, what does she say?

She says o k