Next Developer Call will be on 09/23/2015

Hi All!

Time for another developer call!

Topics for this week:

  • Cool new updates to IDE
  • Dev site feedback
  • Idea Portal (What is this? ;))

Meeting Info:

Every other Wednesday for 1 hour
8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST

To join the Meeting:

To join via Phone:

  1. Dial:
    +1 408 740 7256
    +1 888 240 2560 (US or Canada only)
    (see all numbers -
  2. Enter Conference ID: 551112646
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Maybe something to do with this

I have no idea what an idea portal is, but maybe after this developer call the idea will become much clearer.

OOOOO, a place to put ideas in, so ST can ponder the idea in a few weeks.

Can’t wait…

Or, step into the idea portal, where all ideas are good ideas…

Or its like the game portal. You say something and then magically you walk through a portal and you are on the other side…


Can’t attend tonight, can some please find out when the live log filtering will be fixed?.
And please don’t tell me you didn’t know it was broken…

We had to push the release because of AWS having some hiccups, but the fix is code complete.

This Tuesday, was yesterday, do you mean next Tuesday?

Yes, our weekly deploy was delayed in QA earlier this week. However, the fix was deployed late this afternoon. Live logging filters should now be functional again.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Idea Labs ™

You do that every single time! That’s why I keep missing the call!

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Was there a dev call tonight that i missed :frowning: never saw a post about it but believe it would of been due today and only just realised now

Calls are on (every other) Wednesday Pacific time. It’s still Tuesday.


I need to goto sleep my head is frazzled . . . Its 3:14am wednesday here and im half with it i appologize hahaha

however it is this week isnt it :slight_smile: