Next Developer Call will be on 03/25/2015

(April Wong) #1

Hi Everyone!!!

Date: March 25, 2015
Topic: GroveStreams guests and Data streams

@pstuart invites two guests from GroveStreams, Mike Ostaffe , to discuss 3rd party data logging and allow end users to log their own data points. Mike Mills is a big data genius, hear how his company can parse and process big data and the future of Smart Devices needing historical data to become smarter.

Meeting Info:

Every other Wednesday for 1 hour
8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST

Meeting Info:

Every other Wednesday for 1 hour
8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST

To join the Meeting:

To join via Phone:

  1. Dial:
    +1 408 740 7256
    +1 888 240 2560 (US or Canada only)
    (see all numbers -
  2. Enter Conference ID: 574546266

See the previous Developer Discussion here:

  • Meeting Starts right away! Jody and Ash went to SXSW with us!
  • Guest Speakers from GroveStream coming in next two weeks
  • Launching in April (not me, the month!) : Workshops!
  • Shoutout to support team
    2:25- - Mager : Please send smartapp submissions that haven’t been viewed, talked about our new hire (Kris!)
    2:50 - Ambassador program , Todd wants to be ambassador in Fiji :D, but jim will take dibs.
    3:39 - Jim : Documentation update
    4:47 - Gilbert has a cute AKK dog, Gilbert talks about “device health” "Next Generation UI"
    6:07 - Tyler Lange update - how certification process works, 3 position for tyler’s team, OEM functionality, answering questions.
    10:19 - april asks a question that tyler just explained. BOOO APRIL stop multitasking- ignore, ignore, so cringe! until…
    11:17 - Gary : bugs that are easy to fixed, but not fixed?
    13:36 - Android refresh - Gilbert answers, Kyle also tells higher level , ios/android/windows
    15:48 - Release cycles on ios/android/windows per kyle
    16:39 - Desktop app? Kyle answers.
    18:00 - Encryption in coding, IDE when submitting a smartapp.
    24:53 - OAuth workaround : not sure if it’d stay supported.
    26:49 - Security settings bug
    32:29 - Ash : Multiple users and access to other accounts.
    35:07 - Jody : Filter vs permissions list, finer grain control of attributes?
    37:08 - Gary: Forum added capabilities, how are we going to implement them?
    39:25 - Authorizing all device of a certain type, like light bulbs?
    41:40 - THING LAYER IS OPENSOURCED! 1 person has successfully installed it! :smiley: - “dashboard” /real time interface with web interface (side note: @jody.albritton , i freaken love it, it look soo cleeaaan! )
    42:54 - Ash has been working on a module with existing Zigbee devices, and he’s landed safely!
    43:25 - Mike wants us to elaborate on ChildDevice issues - "Ghosting"
    49:46 - Pstuart - Import objects that can be made available? Basic Oauth Groovy that wouldn’t import
    53:25 - Jim - Documentation for properties that aren’t documented.
    55:49 - Todd is working on something that Mike Maxwell released : Dynamic pages from a template. State capture machine, X number of scenes, etc.
    1:00:00 - Grovestream! :smiley: Mike is a VERY big data nerd, so it’d be exciting to meet him!
    1:01:23 - SimBand demo.
    1:04 - Mager shows a demo of his house and closet.

(Jody) #2

Who, if anyone, is the big data wizard at SmartThings? Is that person going to be joining the call as well? Data analysis and the actionable intelligence acquired from data are key areas of interest for me in my smart home. I would love to hear from ST on some of the behind the scenes data processing and other features of the platform pertaining to data.

(Jody) #3

Can we get an update on the device capabilities that have been suggested here:


Hi April, @April

Can you ask about official integration of the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Power Strip DCS11-ZWUS. This is an awesome product that has been kicked around the Smartthings office since late 2013


(Jeff DeWolfe) #5

An update on the integration with Liftmaster MyQ would be great too!

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #6

Is there a known (limited/intermittent) issue with OAuth logins?

As shown in the video in the linked thread, the first time I attempt the OAuth workflow I end up getting thrown to the developer dashboard after logging in rather than the device authorization page. If I attempt the OAuth workflow a second time, my credentials seem to be cached and I am properly taken to the device authorization page and the remainder of the workflow seems to work fine.

I’m not sure when this started as I only recently noticed it in the past few days and I haven’t had any SharpTools user complaints about it yet, but it seems other community members have seen this behavior at least intermittently.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #7

Also, an update on why you have to log into the IDE multiple times before you can actually do anything. I’ve not seen any updates as to what happened there or why. Could it be related to the oauth issue too?

(Jody) #8

To add to this because it is probably related. I have been having very hit and miss results with the simulator. I was trying to simulate the ultimate bathroom door smartapp and I could not even get to the preferences screen. Just select a location and then nothing.

(Mike Maxwell) #9

I gave up months ago in debugging smartapps in the ide, I only do devices in there now, and only devices since they are a PITA to update in the App.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #10

I couldn’t join till the last 5 minutes. Let me know if any of the above items were discussed please!

Thank you!

(Jody) #11

Grovestreams was the biggest chunk of time. They answered that device capabilities were being looked at, but that progress would trickle in as they bring on more staff. @thegibertchan spoke about the power strip and the garage opener, but not in depth. A few other odds and ends that I am sure @April will clear up in her minutes.

(April Wong) #12

wont have access until the 6th or 7th, so it might take me a bit to do the minutes and post online. Sorry for the delay!

However, i’ve confirmed Dora for the upcoming developers discussion.

(April Wong) #13

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