Newbie question - IP Cams to Google Assistant device, viable?

Total newbie here, first post and hoping this is the right place to post this. Currently I am researching to see if the Smartthings hub is going to be suitable for my needs.

I have several Foscam IP cameras, I see there are some device integrations available from the community that support these cameras, so my guess is that integrating these may not be too hard. What I want to do is get the cameras working with my Google Assistant display devices, I can see there is Smartthings integration with Google Assistant. Ideally, I want to issue a voice command to Google to ‘Display Camera 1’ and have that camera show up on the Google Assistant display device. From the research I have done so far I suspect I may need to deploy the ‘cast-web’ integration to do this.

So my question is this - is this use case remotely viable? Or have I misunderstood how the Smartthings Hub can be made to work?

I should add that this need arises as the cameras I have are not be supported models using Foscam’s own app for Google Home integration.

Any pointers/hints/suggestions on the viability of this would be much appreciated.

Your Foscam cameras are going to work only with the Google Assitant as you want if they are listed here and the feature turned on.

Other option is might be TinyCam or BlueIris running on an old Android phone. But I haven’t got any experience with that.

@joshua_lyon might can help. They use one of those softwares to add camera displays to

Displaying a camera stream in Google Assistant Display devices is handled completely outside of SmartThings.

The SmartThings-Google Assistant integration is centered around smart devices - controlling lights, reporting sensor status, etc.

Edit: You might be able to use cast-web-api or ‘Assistant Relay’ (with CATT) to trigger an action that casts a stream to a display. IIRC, the stream formats that are supported by cast devices are fairly limited though. Be sure to report back if you get something working!

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@joshua_lyon, which software do you use to convert the stream format? That might helps the OP.

I don’t recall which formats Google supports. I just recall following a couple camera manufacturers, like Wyze, who had to add transcoding to the get streams into a format supported by Google.

On the side of things, browsers don’t support RTSP streams natively, so TinyCam and Blue Iris are popular for translating the camera streams into a format that a browser supports (eg. MJPEG).

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Hi Gabor and Josh, many thanks for your input and assistance on this.

Looks like my understanding of how the Smartthings box works was not totally correct, clearly it’s more about a central point to control the logical interactions of smart devices and not so much about casting content, which kind of makes sense.

However I did manage to put together a solution using a combination of IFTTT, Tasker and AutoCast on an old Android device I had lying around. It’s a little clunky but fine for my purposes.

Thanks again for your assistance.