Newbie needs some help with a light switch

I have been able to wire several light switches, half dozen GE lights couple of Hue lights and a couple of motion detectors. So I found it ironic that the last and ‘simplest’ install would be the one to stump me.

I have simple light switch controlling an outside light that I was trying to replace with a Linear WS15Z-1 Z-Wave Wall Switch. The original switch only has two black wires connected. There are 4 Black, 4 White and some ground wires inside the box. The white were wire nutted together as were the grounds.

I could power to the switch but could not control the light. I could even get the switch recognized and controlled by the app (switch would ‘click’ and the light on the switch went on and off) but still no joy.

Could use some guidance. Don’t feel like you’ll insult me by linking me to other sites. I looked at lots but most of the multi wire info was geared to 3 and 4 way switches. As far as I can tell this only controls the outside porch light.

Is the light always on or always off?

The outside light? It stays on. The light on the switch would go on and off both manually and via the app control.

It sounds like you connected the line wire directly to the load wire. The black line wire (the one providing power) should be connected to the black wire on the switch, and the black load wire (the one going to the light) should be connected to the blue wire on the switch. See these instructions:

If you don’t know which one is the line (hot) wire, you may need a simple voltage tester like this:

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Thank you. Nailed it!! :wink: