Newbie here...basic question


There are lots of options for solving this, but I think the most common is to add a second battery-operated button remote on the nightstand that can be used to turn the light on and off. There are many different choices for these. There are also individual buttons that you can actually adhesive to the lamp itself. And there is even a smart bulb which has a button built into it so that instead of turning the twist on the lamp you push the button on the bulb.

All of these are good options, so it just depends on which ones you like the look and feel of. :sunglasses:

The following thread is the buttons FAQ which includes all the battery operated devices that work with smartthings. Some are intended as wall-mounted some are intended as a handheld, so you’ll see a lot of choices. ( this is a clickable link). Any of these can work with either something that controls the wall socket or with smart bulbs because the button sends a message to the smartthings hub and the hub then sends a message to the light. So again, lots of choices.



And the smart bulb that has the button right on it is the Sengled element Touch. It’s on the official “works with SmartThings” list.


Again, different things work for different people. At our house, we now mostly use the Amazon echo for voice control of lights. Everybody really likes it. But some people don’t like to have those in the bedroom, so again, choice is good. :sunglasses: