New Zigbee HA1.2 devices....including a 4 button fob

(Rick Hardy) #1

I just found some devices that look like they SHOULD work with SmartThings…

The most interesting of which is a key fob with 4 usable buttons…

Here is the announcement, and SmartThings is mentioned…

So far I have only found the tilt sensor, and the door/window sensor on Amazon, and Lowes. Prices are ok, but devices look quite interesting as they are quite small and stated battery life is up to 5 years.

It also looks like they have announced some interesting products, like a floor register vent, home tag, etc…

In any case I am going to stop by a Lowes and pickup a door/window sensor(as that’s all I show as available searching their site) and see if I can get it working… I read a BAD review of the tilt sensor, and user said that it was purchased from Lowes, but I can’t find it listed on their site. If I am lucky, maybe they have other devices, like the key fob…


(Brice; #2

I like the idea of a door hinge sensor - That’s a nice clean way to detect when your door is open. I haven’t seen those before.


Securifi says they have tested these devices with their Almond zigbee hub and they worked fine. That’s a good sign for HA 1.2 compatibility, which is also what ST uses.

But the consumer reviews so far (there aren’t many) report problems that may indicate weak signal, a common problem in very small devices.

(Paul) #4

The hinge is cute, but unless it comes in lots of sizes, it’s not going to work for “all doors” as they suggest.

Plus, you’ll need a matching top and bottom hinge (at minimum), and if the hole pattern is different than your current hinges, installation can be difficult.

It’s a good idea, especially for metal doors where it’s hard to use a recessed sensor, but I think the actual applications are limited.


Yeah, ideally they’d sell a less expensive dummy version of the door hinge to go with it.

Although there are doors where notification is more important than aesthetics, so some people may not care. The door will swing better if the hinges match, though, so that’s another issue.

(Mike Maxwell) #6

They have the residential sizes covered, and unless you’re current doors have some bastard hinges, the screw holes will match for a given size as they are following ANSI standards.
And if you don’t like the one finish they are proposing, your preferred choice is only a rattle can away…
Also, for three hinge doors, this hinge should be installed in the center, as this location has the least load on it.

(Paul) #7

Yeah I hear that. My house is 114 years old, and after all of the time I spent digging through bins of hinges at salvage yards to find matching hinges and hole patterns, I’m a bit sensitive :slight_smile: I’m just saying it isn’t all as standard as they’re making it out to seem.

These hinges will be helpful for some folks, I’m sure.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #8

NYCE has a solid line of dealer installed zigbee based Control4 sensors and apparently these new ones conform to Zigbee 1.2 HA and do not work with Control4.

That means, they should work well with SmartThings :smile:

Hopefully someone can get a couple to test (NYCE if you see this, PM me) and see if any of generic devicetypes work out of the box. Otherwise, they should be easily pairable and if they will release any custom cluster / endpoint usage, a devicetype could be written very quickly.

Hopefully @Tyler is aware of NYCE and these new sensors?

(Chuckles) #9

Well, at 114 years old, your house pre-dates the ANSI organisation itself (originally AESC, founded 1918), let alone any hinge standards they subsequently developed… :laughing:

(NYCE Support) #10

Please be aware that while our sensor products are HA1.2 compliant, some aspects of our ZigBee sensors may be tailored to be specific to the ecosystem they are intended for. We cannot guarantee that our sensor products intended for the Control4 or Lowe’s systems will work properly with SmartThings hubs.
SmartThings will begin publishing our sensor device types with their next scheduled firmware release.
At that time, our devices being currently sold on Amazon will have their listings updated to include SmartThings as a compatible ecosystem.

(Paul) #11

Please keep us posted in this thread as well! I’m especially excited about your ceiling-mounted motion sensor.

(Community Journeyman) #12

Has this hinge sensor been tried to the SmartThings v20 hub?