Scene-Machine App finally posted to Github

I had been meaning to post this App back up to github. Finally got around to it. It records and replays states of switches and dimmers. Because of the inconsistency of GE dimmer level reporting, it is suggested that you set the dimmer levels using SmartThings prior to recording.

Enjoy & Happy Hacking!

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I am not a programmer so please excuse me if this has already been fixed but, when I try to set a scene with RGBW LED strip lights controlled by Fibaro RGBW modules (I use the Fibaro RGBW 3 Beta Device Handler) Scene Machine doesn’t appear to record the color levels and temperatures so the LED lights are switched on but all color valuess are set to zero and the LED strip appears to be switched off.) I am using version 1.1 of Scene Machine downloaded from GitHub today.

Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?