New user - help! Conexis L1 issue

Hi everyone/anyone
So I’ve just bought my very first smartthings hub (I know, late to the party) .
It’s all connected and seemingly working fine.

My conexis l1 door lock ‘seemed’ to connect fine but I cannot use any function.

The battery level shows 0 with a red dot and the lock state shows a strikethroughed cloud.

Voice commands via Alexa aren’t accessible either.

Any advice?

Well the answer is to not use the QR code (which will almost certainly fail).
Also, don’t scan for networks.
Follow the install instructions, when you get to the QR stage, select enter PIN number.
Type the pin number and all works perfectly.

Also try bringing the lock closer to the hub, that often helps. If you see a 0000 in the lock information while pairing the lock, that means it’s having trouble communicating and these steps will often fix it: