New to Smartthings/ help with configuring Aeon Labs Multisensor 6

Hey gang I’m brand new to smartthings. I managed to get it set up and add my Multisensor 6 sensors to it, including setting up a device handler so they work.

My question how do I customize them? I have no clue what setttings do what. From what I’m seeing the range on the motion isn’t that far away so unless I can change that I’ll need a second one for my relatively small kitchen…

Also it reverts back to no motion so quickly. Ideally once it triggers motion I’d like it to stay in the motion state for at least 5 minutes. I thought I read somewhere when motion is detected a timer starts and when the timer is up it goes to no motion but any motion during that timer starts the timer over. I’d love for that to be the case and to work.

Any suggestions?

Is these settings are available for the device, click the gear icon from the device screen. This can be limited by either the capabilities of the device and/or the device handler itself.

I guess i need to rephrase I don’t know what to adjust to make it work that way, or if there is a better device handler out that that I should be using instead in order for this to work.

Shows the device handler I’m using

Shows my current device settings

I would guess Motion Reset will adjust the time it takes to reset back to no motion, in seconds. PIR sensitity is the motion sensitivity, range 1-5 with 5 being the most sensitive. Not sure what the second set of motion settings does. Are both sets of motion settings available in the app under the gear icon? You can also try looking and asking in here

Here you go, these two should be under your settings for the device in the ST app