New to SmartThings - Date Use in Rules?


New to SmartThings - coming from X-10 for the last 7 plus years,. I’m switching because although X-10 has been very stable, I can tell that as more and more electric line noise builds, the time is nearby where it won’t be stable any longer. I also have a separate Security System from/monitored by FrontPoint. For many reasons, I’m keeping the ST and FrontPoint systems separate.

I’ve completed the initial migration of my home automation devices and rules from X-10 to SmartThings. I’m running a V2 ST hub. So far, have approximately 23 physical devices mostly running on schedules (rules), a movement sensor and my iPhone for presence detection and administration. I’m using Smart Lighting, SmartRules, Virtual Device Manager and Weather Alerts. I’ve also downloaded and installed Rule Machine too but haven’t used it yet. I’ve integrated ST with my Amazon Echo for voice commands. My next step is to integrate ST and Simple/Control (formerly Roomie Remote). So far, it seems to be running well.

So after all the introduction stuff, my question is this: Am I missing something regarding the use of dates as criteria or conditions for rules? Under my X-10 system I had date specific rules for outdoor Christmas lights/Deck Fountain - both running off of the same switch. The obviously have very different schedules and need dates to determine which to use. I also had a rule - activated in advance, that darkened the house on Halloween when we’re not at home. The use of dates for these seasonal rules makes administration and the rules themselves much easier. As it is right now, I’ve set up Simulated Switches (SS) as flags so the rules will run or not according to the status of the SS. It works, but dates would make it easier.

So can dates be used with rules for seasonal-type rules?

Thanks in advance!


There is no calendaring beyond the weekly level available to my knowledge.
Not sure why, but there isn’t.