New to Smartthings and would like to know how to get echo to work with linear garage door opener

I have to ask, did you actually read any of the posts that we sent you? Our did you just ramble through until it magically worked?

I’m not trying to be an ass, but seriously, this comment right here

This just spits in the eye of everyone willing to help.

Trust me, I’m not looking for any kind of gratitude or respect or glory…

I just get very annoyed when I try to help someone over and over and over and they thank the flying spaghetti monster when they accidentally flip the right switch.

Yes, I’m going to put it on the wiki.

Cool, thanks.

Curious on the setup as well. Let me know when you send out he details

I followed the steps the same way twice. Only after the removal and reinstall of the app did the Alexa helper show up. Sorry my comment didn’t live up to your standards. Yes I did read the instructions. You drilled it into my head. I said thanks because I truly do appreciate the responses and what I thought was patience. Not sure why on 2 occasions you got a little snippy and your last post was completely condescending. Sorry I even signed up to post. I’m out.

Honestly, if you would have done what you said you did…

Post 31 gave you a link on EXACTLY how to fix your problem. 5 days later you posted (directly beneath post 31) this…

And then in post 41 I posted the exact same link again.

and you posted this…

The part of your quote that is in bold is what really got to me. How could NOT possibly know why it just magically showed up? I mean really? You’ve been offered help for almost 3 weeks and then all of a sudden it just magically works? Really? And you wonder why I got “snippy”.

It is crap like this that makes those that have been down the road and figured it out just up and quite trying to help. If you’re out, than you’re out. But at least your door works. I’m glad the flying spaghetti monster fixed it for you.

Btw, you could have had thing working flawlessly weeks ago.

@Ross @ibeastie

Here is a link to the write up on it. I have not put this on the Wiki yet, but I do plan to refine it and put it up there. I’m just waiting on access.

Let me know if you have questions.

Nice write up. I’m excited about getting this to work. I’ll try it tonight. Thanks!

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did all of the above but alexa only responds when i say ON or OFF, when i say Open or Close it says “Im not sure how to help you with that” Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Are you using the custom device handler for your door opener?

just alexa switch device handler as far as i know and can see. im not sure how to add custom device handler after completing your steps. i got it to work thru IFTTT using switch created with your steps. I can do Alexa, Trigger Open Garage and Close Garage. would love to know how to do this custom device handler. i read about it but im confused how it works with your steps

Follow this link to read about how to install custom device handlers and smartapps in the ST IDE.

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i read that already, i know how to add it, i just need code for the device type:
DT1) Copy the code from the author. where do i copy code from? thats where i’m confused. Like i installed other custom device handlers for other things, but code was given or github repository.

have you read through this thread?

Also… read this thread and here’s the code that I use…

I see, so it looks like you are using GD00Z device and have custom device handler for it. That is not something i have, and as you can understand there is no point in getting one just so i don’t have to say word “trigger”. Tell me if im wrong and this should be working with MyQ by Chamberlain

yes, that’s the device I’m using. I’m sorry, I have no experience at all with MyQ or Chamberlain so I really can not give you a knowledgeable answer to anything dealing with it.

There are however a lot of other users with that experience and I’m sure they will be happy to help you out.

Have you installed AskAlexa?

Using that you can set it up so that you will say something along the lines of…

“Alexa, tell home to open the garage door”

thank you for your help. i think there is no need to look into it further as “Alexa, trigger open/close garage” is short enough for me. i like it short and sweet and “tell home to” is not shorter than "trigger"
again thank you kindly

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Yeah, i agree… but don’t miss out on what AskAlexa and EchoSistant can bring to your HA world. They both open Alexa up to a whole new level of awesome.

sounds good. will look into it.