New to Home Automation: can I turn Hue Bulbs off with ST after I have left the house?

Hello! I’m new to Smartthings and am starting with hue bulbs and a ST hub. My question is if a hue bulb is left on after I leave the house. Can I remotely turn it off using the phone app? Or can I tell Alexa to turn all bulbs off as I leave the house. I can’t keep track of what lights the kids turn on. Our switches are all traditional/dumb switches.

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The answer to your question is sure, and there are many different ways to do it. You can have the lights operate on a time schedule, you could have the system automatically detect that your phone has left home, or you can open any of the three apps (Amazon, Phillips hue, or SmartThings), look and see which lights are still on, and then turn them off from the app. So lots of choices.

One thing to be aware of is that eventually you may want to put child locks on the existing dumb switches ( or replace them all together) and add other smart switches so that you can use a wall switch to turn the smart bulb off, but the Bulb still be drawing power and will be able to turn itself on again from a network command. But that will come later. I just want you to be aware that that possibility exists if you start finding that people in your house are always using the wall switches for the bulbs when you don’t want them to.

Also, depending on the age of your kids, one fun and practical thing you can do right away is to get a couple of battery-operated echo buttons to put on their nightstands. These can be used to turn a smart bulb in their room on and off without getting out of bed. Kids love these, and they’re on sale right now for two buttons for $15. These are big buttons, about the size of a deck of playing cards, And they will work with any light that you can turn on and off with Alexa.

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