New Sonoff Human Presence Sensor

This looks new, and moderately priced for a presence sensor
I have pre-ordered one and will report back when I get it.


Sounds like fun! And an excellent price for this category.

Just to avoid confusion, note that this falls into the category of “human presence sensors,“ which are occupancy sensors. They can tell you that a person is in the space, but not which person (which is traditionally what “presence sensors” did).

So “a person is in the living room“ but not “Mike just arrived home.“

Like most of the other mmWave human presence sensor some of the functionality is only available through its own app: it may be reported only as a motion sensor in other platforms.

Let us know what features you get through smartthings! :sunglasses:

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I wish it were battery-powered. Where I have sensors, there is no means to have external power. The price is spectacular.

Yeah, I know what you mean, battery powered would be more convenient but the nature of the device needs too much power for battery.
I was wondering how much power it needs , I might mount it beside a tv and use the usb from tv to power it, assuming tv provides power even on standby?

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ok,I received this today.
It’s disappointing that smartthings only appears to detect this as a ZigBee thing.
I was expecting this to work out of the box given the claimed smartthings compatible note on the website.ive contacted sonoff via Facebook but if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears.

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I haven’t got mine yet but found a YouTube video by Sonoff that gives a link to their channel. I find this the ideal, and logical escenario, that the manufacturer develops an Edge driver for their device. The link is here and if it works please let us know.


When I follow that link I get :thinking:

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:man_shrugging: always find it difficult to pass the link on a channel…I have it installed and got the link here

I couldn’t find the link in the YouTube entry itself in plain text or a hyperlink so I extracted it from a screenshot shot of the video using ocr.

I got the device paired and recognised. I tried 3 different usb psu before I got one that actually worked. The first two registered a permanent state of movement even when there was no one in the room.

The dwell time for it to revert to no motion is about 60 seconds.

There are no settings in the sonoff driver for dwell time or sensitivity… so there’s nothing to fiddle with :grinning:

I’ll experiment further and report back in due course.


There are always two links for any edge Driver.

The first, which is the one that you want to share, is the invitation to the channel. That’s where a new person can subscribe.

The second is the link to an edge Driver after you have subscribed to it. That’s the one that will be in the address bar in your browser after you’ve already subscribed. But if you try to share that with someone else, they will get the “403 forbidden” message.


Here is the correct link.
Hopefully this works


I imagined I was doing something wrong as it’s not the first time it’s happened that I’ve passed a link that is invalid!
Thanks for your comment, on this occasion I still recalled the source of information…but if I want to pass a link on a driver I have installed to another user, but can’t remember where it came from, how to proceed?

You’ll have to go back to wherever you got the initial invitation link from. That might be an author thread in this forum, GitHub, a blog or video… Or worst case if you know how to contact the author of the edge driver, ask them for the invitation link. :thinking:

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Thanks a lot! I added a sensor using this driver and so far it’s all good.

Just got a response from my ticket with Sonoff.
I’ve already got it working but for anyone who hasn’t here is a tutorial to get it working with SmartThings hub.


Keep reading. :wink:

As discussed above, the poster initially shared the “access link” you use AFTER the driver has been installed instead of the “invitation link” you use to first acquire it.

The correct link is shared a few posts later. :sunglasses:

(At the time of this posting, invitation links start with


After installation access links start with


If you click on an after installation link before subscribing you will get the 403 access error.)


Some updates on my experience so far with this sensor. Would be good to know if others are having a similar experience.

  1. Sensitivity: sensitivity seems good provided you are in range, I sat fairly motionless at a desk reading an iPad and it continued to detect my presence with “motion detected” when my aeotec motion detector was detecting “no motion detected”. So that appears good.

  2. Range: I’m using this in a not particularly big room, maybe 14 or 15 feet on the diagonal. The presence sensor does not appear to have the range to cover this distance. It doesn’t trigger at the threshold of the room and needs to be within about 8 feet to trigger. There are no range adjustments in the driver.

3 Stability: not sure if this is a driver stability issue or a sensitivity issue. Tonight I left the room and a full 45 minutes later it still registers motion detected, I believe it’s stuck in this state or somehow detecting air movement as presence (no draft, fan or direct air movement or heating that I can detect). Room is at around 19c if that matters.

I’m hoping that there will be an update to the driver with improvements or settings to adjust on range and sensitivity. At the moment I don’t think I can use it as a replacement for the aeotec motion sensor.
Would like to hear anyone else’s experience.


Just got mine today in the mail. Sonoff posted the correct invite in the comments of that video, and it connected without issue. At least, I would hope. As of this moment, its not detecting motion, despite me being about 6-8 in front of it at most. Any guesses anyone?

After removing the device and adding it twice, it seems to be working now and responding correctly. I will see if this lasts


Try getting closer.

Because this only has a single zone, they tried to avoid the issue of it detecting through windows by giving it a pretty short range with the idea that that would keep the detection zone inside the room that it’s in. 🕵🏽‍♂️

8 feet would be right on the edge of its maximum range, so, depending on angle in any possible obstructions, 5 to 6 feet would be safer.