New Smartthings app removed ability to reset power and kWh on energy meters

I have a number of power and energy meters in my home including…

Zooz Zen15 and Zen25
Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen1 and Gen5

The new Smartthings app has removed the ability to reset the power readings and kWh, and also removed the cost feature from different device handlers

I’ve reached out to Aeotec and they were able to provide me a custom DH for the Gen5, but the Gen1/2 don’t have an option to reset readings, short of resetting the device manually.

Zooz support also informed me their only solution was to reset the device manually.

I knew being forced into this new app was gonna be a nightmare. Samsung needs to fix the app to restore this functionality!

In the meantime, has anyone come up with a solution to reset the power/energy readings (kWh) via a DH on any of these devices, without having to physically reset the device?

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You can use webCoRE but yeah I’ve complained about this as well.

I have webCore set up but haven’t used it much. I have used Core in the past though. How do you have it set up through WebCore?

Might depend on the DTH you are using but:

That functionality has never been supported by SmartThings, but those handlers implemented that feature using a custom command and displayed it using the old mobile app’s tile feature. The new mobile app doesn’t support those custom tiles which is why you can’t see the command anymore, but the command is still there and you can use it like @rontalley explained.

The new mobile app supports custom capabilities and I’ve created them for amperage measurement, energy duration and reset energy, but custom capability buttons are currently broken which is why I haven’t added them to all my Zooz handlers yet.

I could create the reset feature as a list tile which would normally display a default status, maybe something like "tracking (suggestions…?), and when you tap the settings icon next to it you’ll see the option “Reset Energy”. Tapping that option would change the state, reset energy, and then change the state back to it’s default.

It’s a clunky workaround and buttons might get fixed soon so I haven’t decided if implementing it that way is worth the effort…

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