New Smartthings app/migration breaks my alarm device

I was just forced to upgrade from the classic Smarthings app to the new Smartthings app. The process migrated my settings and Smartapps, but after the migration the alarm device no longer allows me to arm or disarm which renders it useless in the new app. :frowning:

I believe the problem lies in some incompatibility with the new app in this device handler -

Note: This device still functions properly in the classic smartthings app.

Im using AlarmServer as well (xxero’s branch) and it works fine. Although I dont use the device GUI to arm and disarm.

So what exactly do you mean by wont allow you to arm (screenshots are helpful because ghat could mean a lot of things and i need to know exactly what you need it to do.). Also you can use classic and new simultaneously so a screenshot of yoir old process would be helpful as well.

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On the new app there are no controls for the partition control which looks like this on the new app

The partition control looks like this on the old app

Correct, that’s because the new app does not support custom device UI… yet.

The SmartThings team has an early beta for developers where they just released instructions and one of the Honeywell AlarmServer devs actually has an early version for that panel. Thay said ITS VERY beta right now and not at all ready for prime time. Give me a moment and Ill add how I work around this in my setup.

First, it appears your version of the Alarmserver code is using an old DTH that doesn’t support the on/off switch function. You need that for this to work. I don’t know if you have a Honeywell or DSC panel - but both of the current versions ‘panel’ devices show up as on/off buttons. (I think this was one of @Xero’s edits in his branch) Turning the Stay Panel ‘on’ arms in stay, Away ‘on’ arms away and turning them off disarms… I have a DSC panel so I use @Xero’s build with the @rtorch edits because it supports my panel AND runs on a RPi with Python 3.8: DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings

So do a search on AlarmServer and find the most current version that works with your panel and upgrade:

Next you perform this STHM workaround by the ActionTiles community:

So now that you’ve done this, in the automations you created in the previous step for Arm Away, Arm Stay and Disarm - Add turning on or off the appropriate switches respectively. (I use WebCore for this part to add in some advanced checking logic, but it has the same effect and you don’ t NEED to do that, it’s just nice to have…)

Then Setup STHM.
If you want, you can completely ignore your sensors so STHM never actually alarms - I personally use a the SHM Delay virtual sensor ([Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0) triggered on my doors so it does alarm but only after the DSC would anyway.

Now what you have done is you have just tied STHM to your Alarmserver Panel. When you hit the arm / disarm / stay on the home page of ST, your Alarmserver will follow.


Thanks. I’ll look into that.