New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

I went for Hubitat as it’s developers are ex ST users. The community is also very strong. And yes, you can select individual items to expose to Alexa.

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Wink is most definitely a sinking ship that I don’t suspect anyone to be jumping on.


Thanks. Just bought my first Hubitat. Bye bye smartthings.


Once you have that, you can set up HubConnect to mirror selected devices between SmartThings->H or (visa versa). Then you can use H’s superior Alexa skill to selectively expose those devices to Alexa. This is what I did months ago - I ditched the SmartThings “expose everything causing chaos” Alexa Skill and used the one that put in me in charge. I’ve been slowing moving devices from ST=>H (200+ devices takes a while). Only 2 weeks ago did I get to the point that all the devices I used with Alexa were finally off ST.


Just as someone else that moved, Home Assistant also allows selected devices to be exposed to Alexa. It’s actually even one step better IMO because you can combine devices into groups, then expose the GROUPS to Alexa, so you have WAY less devices to deal with if you have 6 cans in a room and you want them to behave the same. Not sure if Hubitat has the same featureset or not.

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It does. My kitchen ceiling cans are on 4 dimmers, 3 of which we commonly used. I have the group in H called “Kitchen lights” which is exposed to Alexa, so I can tell Alexa to on/off/dim those lights, and it just sends one message over. The system also supports Zigbee group messaging to avoid the “popcorn effect” (but my dimmers are Z-wave, so that doesn’t help me)


I can honestly say that even with 236 devices discovered in the Alexa App, it hasn’t posed any real issues. However, I would still prefer for it to be my choice!

I made a Virtual Switch called “Wife Status” :thinking: and it instantly popped up on her Alexa App! I had a little explaining to do for sure. :man_facepalming:t5:


Has anyone else had the issue of Alexa randomly stating duplicate devices exist when in reality they do not. Without any changes in-between, sometimes she will say “more than one device exists with the name bedroom”.- I simply ask again and she turns on the bedroom. What gives?

that’s nothing new - I’ve been using Alexa for years and about once every 3-4 months she does this. It settles down later, then comes back. My best guess is new voice models or resets on keywords, or something like that, but it’s more fun to just assume Alexa lost it and went on a bender after having to listen to people demand egg timers a billion times. :slight_smile:


@nathancu that’s my wife when it comes to egg timers …:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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This is turning out to be more complex than i anticipated

I haven’t been following along for a while and it wasn’t obvious from a search… can this new/2020 skill trigger voice notifications via SmartThings or WebCore like the old EchoSpeaks smartapp?

No. It cannot.

Almost a year later and things are still a mess :cry:

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Some, sort of, and it depends on the details.

You can use whatever logic you want on the smart things side with the end result of turning on a virtual switch which is also a virtual sensor, and then you can use that virtual sensor changing state to trigger an Alexa routine. (Assuming that everything is working the way it supposed to, the new skill is much glitchier than the old one was.)

At that point, you can have the “that“/action in the routine be to speak a preselected “notification.“

All of that works fine, when it works.

For example, I can have opening the front door cause my echo devices to say “The front door is open.”

I can also combine it with a presence check to say “Michael is home.”

But echo speaks could work with variables, so that you could change what was said on the fly. You can’t do that with the new skill method. So I believe in echo speaks you could have just one rule and insert a different name depending on who had just arrived, where with the new skill method you have to set up one routine for each person.

You could certainly set up a voice notification for something like “the mail is here“ if you have a detectable sensor to act as the trigger. But you have to have one routine for each phrase you want to speak, you can’t change any part of it. And you are limited to a total of 99 routines altogether.

All of which is to say some people can get everything they want just with echo routines, assuming the smartthings skill doesn’t glitch. But you could definitely create more sophisticated logic with fewer total rules using echo speaks.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?


Voicemonkey was working great for this up until a few days ago, but Amazon took it down :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully it will come back soon. The author of the skill has been posting updates on the thread linked below.

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Hi TIm…I’ve hit my max 3 replies for a topic…I’m not sure when this gets lifted but when it does I’ll be sure to keep posting updates. Otherwise please visit: for the latest


Thanks I’ll keep checking your link and can update on the other thread linked below when it is working.

I think that posting limit is temporary when you newly register. It should go away as people like and respond to your posts.

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