New Smart Lighting App Not Seeing all Buttons - May 2023

I am trying to migrate my final automations from the old smart lighting app to the new one. I am controlling lights in a room with a GoControl wireless switch (WA00Z-1, USA). The switch has two buttons. Both buttons can be addressed in the old app, but the new app combines them into a single button. I have also noted that routines also combines them into a single button. The switch has not yet migrated to an edge driver. Is there a way to make it show properly; i.e. both buttons available?

Old Smart Lighting App

Drivers typically control what is exposed to applications, so I would update to the proper Edge driver. In the alternative, you can try coding it as a routine and see if that works any better. But you’re going to need the Edge driver sooner or later so you might as well do it now while you’re tinkering with it.

Search the forums for the device model number, then sort by latest date. @Mariano_Colmenarejo is very likely to have an edge driver for it.