New smart app to link the virtual/simulated garage door device with two actual devices

I wouldn’t use any automation on the garage doors…too risky if the door sensors report incorrect status. Why don’t you have it send you a notification instead and you can remotely close it…and maybe have a camera to confirm

the odd thing is that most nights it works just fine. Even if the garage is closed. I have had this about 8 months now and has happened 3 times. I will be taking it off i cant figure this out, but would like it to work.

Most likely the system is not showing the sensor closed immediately due to problems. Tey increasing the timeout

Anyone able to trigger this app using GH?


I have just instaled this app and I can’t seem to get it to work. I don’t have the option to Choose the virtual garage door device. It says I can’t currently add this. Do I need a virtual device and a virtual sensor? How do I add the virtual sensor and the V Garage door?


If you have access to RBoy Apps you can try this SmartApp and Device Handler which will create a virtual garage door and also sync it up with the relevant sensors/relays/controllers.

I have the LGK Virtual Garage script installed. I have a raspberrypi that I am using for the relay and the sensor. I can operate the relay from ST no problem. I cannot for some reason get the app to work. I created a virtual button in st and I setup the app. When I press the virtual button it does its thing Closing/ Opening, If you have the same as I am tring to do, can you please share your settings


I did some testing. The relay that is associated with the Virtaul Garage Door button does not operate when the button is activated. The label of the button changes from open to closed and all that. I have similated the door sensor by using a jumper on the Pi. The status does change on the sensor used for the door being open or closed is sending status to the hub. Anyone have any ideas why the relay won’t operate?

I’m having the same problem, sensors work relays work buzzer works. I installed the app just as the directions explains. i created the new device" Simulated Garage Door Opener" gave it an id. opened the app assigned relays, sensors, and buzzer. saved everything. when i press on the device in my home or my home it looks as if its working in the app but nothing happens. the app shows the door open "but it dosn’t " no relay click,no buzzer and the sensor dont change because the door dosn’t move. its like i’m missing something. is there anything else i’m missing. thanks

Make sure the door opens and closeswith your switch device first by using the app

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes it dose. Even watching the live logging screen in ST dose nothing but the icon for the door looks like it did. Thanks any more ideas?

Post s copy if the logs and all settings in the app

sorry didn’t get a chance to work on it till this morning. It shows on the log that the door sensor opened but the relay didn’t click and the door didn’t move. thanks again.

Those arnt the settings, did you Even configure the app

Also that log is not from my smartapp. I think your in the wrong thread and not using my smartapp.

Now that logging is working again, here are what the app settings look like and logging for my smartapp

I tried to send more pictures but the site stopped me at 3. ill try to put more tonight

yes your app is configured, the picture of it is on my tablet and that is at home. I’ll post them after work. the pic’s I posted was of the logging screen at the time I tap the icon to open the door. I didn’t know there was a cap on the amount of pictures I could post at one time, because I just logged in for the first time.