New smart app to link the virtual/simulated garage door device with two actual devices

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Working great now, once again thanks for the help!
One more question, where do I change the value from 6s to 1s? I have duplicated the device handler renamed it /saved/published for me but I don’t see anywhere in the code where I can change this timing value.

(Larry) #201


def open() {
sendEvent(name: “door”, value: “opening”)
runIn(6, finishOpening)

def close() {
sendEvent(name: “door”, value: “closing”)
runIn(6, finishClosing)


def open() {
sendEvent(name: “door”, value: “opening”)
runIn(1, finishOpening)

def close() {
sendEvent(name: “door”, value: “closing”)
runIn(1, finishClosing)

also recommend you add the following:

capability "switch"


def on()

def off()

this way you can use it in alexa easier

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Many thanks !

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I have a feeling I know the answer but I’ll ask anyway. Is there a way to make this work with the new app? I did the account migration not realizing there was still issues with some custom device handlers etc and now I can’t access my garage doors. Thanks for the app it has worked great up to this point that Samsung messed things up lol


The NEW app supports 0 custom Device Handlers.

You have migrated your account to a Samsung account which is good, but that doesn’t mean start using the new App. Continue using SmartThings Classic as you have been all along. You can view the new app, but it isn’t ready and doesn’t have all the functionality that Classic does yet. When it’s completely ready, ST will notify us. :slight_smile:

@JDRoberts took quite a bit of time sifting through all of the topics discussing differences between the NEW STSC “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” and the “SmartThings Classic” apps and consolidating everything into a new topic with all of these questions (including yours on custom DTHs) answered and in some cases references to the threads where these items were discussed so you can further add/reply in those additional topics. This new topic is informational only and isn’t intended to have anyone reply to it as a question / answer session as stated in the first paragraph. If you have any questions on what the NEW app does or doesn’t do, please oeruse through the following and most likely you will find your answer. It will continue to grow as new items are identified. :slight_smile:

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Problem is when it migrated I no longer have anything accessible in the classic app.


You do. Go open the Classic App again and from the Dashboard, click on the 3 Bars and then where the Location is, do you have a 2nd Location listed? If you do select it. (When you see your Location after pressing the 3 Bars, click on the Down arrow next to your Location. If you see another “Home” Location above + Add New Location, it means that a 2nd Location was added).

Check that first and then if that’s the case, I will explain further.

Whether you login to the Classic app or the NEW STSC app after you migrated, both of those apps are accessing the same IDE, period.

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Thanks, yeah I needed to login to classic by selecting I’m a new user. All good now.

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Is there way to trigger open and close the garage door using Google Home?
I don’t see it listed in the GH app.



I am using a tilt sensor and a relay switch to control one of my garage doors. I am using a virtual garage door to combine the 2 sensors. I have a automation task that closes the door at 10pm every night. Lately i have been seeing that if the garage is already closed, the task will open it! it doesn’t happen every time, and i have tried to figure it out, but can see why it is doing that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

(Larry) #210

i have similiar automations, what are you using to do it… make sure you are using the virtual app not the other, also sensor may be failing, or low battery… check the activities at the time to see what it is reporting.


I am using the “goodnight” routine to close the door. It is telling the simulated garage door to close at 10pm. the events look like it closed and then opened last night.

2018-04-24 10:00:39.469 PM CDT
13 hours ago DEVICE contact open Main Garage contact is open
2018-04-24 10:00:39.239 PM CDT
13 hours ago DEVICE door open Main Garage door is open
2018-04-24 10:00:33.756 PM CDT
13 hours ago DEVICE door opening Main Garage door is opening
2018-04-24 10:00:33.652 PM CDT
13 hours ago APP_COMMAND open Main Garage sent open command to Main Garage
2018-04-24 10:00:08.492 PM CDT
13 hours ago DEVICE contact closed Main Garage contact is closed
2018-04-24 10:00:07.352 PM CDT
13 hours ago DEVICE door closed Main Garage door is closed
2018-04-24 10:00:01.725 PM CDT
13 hours ago DEVICE door closing Main Garage door is closing

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I wouldn’t use any automation on the garage doors…too risky if the door sensors report incorrect status. Why don’t you have it send you a notification instead and you can remotely close it…and maybe have a camera to confirm


the odd thing is that most nights it works just fine. Even if the garage is closed. I have had this about 8 months now and has happened 3 times. I will be taking it off i cant figure this out, but would like it to work.

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Most likely the system is not showing the sensor closed immediately due to problems. Tey increasing the timeout

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Anyone able to trigger this app using GH?



I have just instaled this app and I can’t seem to get it to work. I don’t have the option to Choose the virtual garage door device. It says I can’t currently add this. Do I need a virtual device and a virtual sensor? How do I add the virtual sensor and the V Garage door?


(Head of Support ( #217

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can try this SmartApp and Device Handler which will create a virtual garage door and also sync it up with the relevant sensors/relays/controllers.


I have the LGK Virtual Garage script installed. I have a raspberrypi that I am using for the relay and the sensor. I can operate the relay from ST no problem. I cannot for some reason get the app to work. I created a virtual button in st and I setup the app. When I press the virtual button it does its thing Closing/ Opening, If you have the same as I am tring to do, can you please share your settings



I did some testing. The relay that is associated with the Virtaul Garage Door button does not operate when the button is activated. The label of the button changes from open to closed and all that. I have similated the door sensor by using a jumper on the Pi. The status does change on the sensor used for the door being open or closed is sending status to the hub. Anyone have any ideas why the relay won’t operate?