New Routine Format

The new routines format sucks! You’ve taken something simple (turn a routine on or off) and added extra steps! Makes no sense!

The layout size of icons and descriptions is all wrong for all routines. The description, the most important part, is now tiny!


To me it is easier than flipping a switch, tell it when to flip the switch and what to do next. But then you don’t have to worry about flipping it again or being there to do it.

The routine icons are full screen width and the text is legible.

He’s referring to the toggle being removed from the tile. I agree with him, the new UI is a step backwards.


I prefer the new style except for the removal of the enable/toggle. That I consider to be a bad decision.

It looks to me that there is room for it, but if not there certainly would be if they didn’t waste so much space on the ugly house icon for local execution. They could perhaps have an outline for the routine icon instead. The toggle should have first dibs on space.


I should rephrase by saying that I understand the redesign choice of fitting two automations per line so we don’t need to scroll down as far, but from what I’ve read of other users’ opinions, removing the toggle is a unanimously disliked decision. You have a good idea about how to indicate if an automation is local, or not. A different color tile, or possibly highlighted/outline somehow to distinguish the local vs cloud automation would be an effective space saver.

ST Ui design is constrained a bit by the Samsung One Ui used on all there devices but ST seem intent on using small tiles and squezing everything in when there is no need, subsequently the experience is compromised

The below screenshot is from Samsung Health so there is precedence to use horizontal tiles

Horizontal tiles will allow for much more info but create a longer list to scroll through when looking for an automation

This can easily be off set by including Scenes/manual run automations along with automations, Echo integration and Smart app connection into the devices routines page like we had in the original ST app

The original app needed modernisation but its fundamental design and logical layout should have been honoured, Samsung threw it out and have struggled ever since to create an app that works for users

Personally, the new routine layout would be much easier to accept if they had just reconfigured the enable/disable toggle to a long press (press and hold) gesture and then gray out/lighten the tile accordingly. I’m still trying to figure out the reason for renaming Scenes to “Manually run routines”.

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The removal of this toggle feature is very frustrating. I have many routines and there are some that i would toggle off and on depending on factors. Now i don’t have that ability.

They keep removing features i tend to use the most. It’s getting really annoying. Almost to the point of getting rid of all my smart devices, or changing to a different platform.

You can open the routine and enable or disable it.