SmartThings iOS app update Aug 2023 routine on/off option removed

The latest update has removed the option to turn a routine on/off.
Example: I have a routine to turn on/off the light that illuminates my flag at sunset and sunrise. However, I have temporarily taken my flag down due to the hurricane. I do not need this automation operating until I put my flag up again. The latest app update has removed this ability.

Also, when considering a new routine it may necessitate turning a conflicting routine off so that the new routine can be evaluated.

Please restore the ability to turn routines on/off.

Thank you for your quick response. This will work.

Unfortunately they removed the slider/toggle from the icon but you can still enable/disable by clicking on the icon and then the disable/enable is on the next screen. Not sure why they removed the capability to do it directly on the icon. Rule #1 for UI update/redesign IMO is to not remove or bury functionality.

Requires an extra click…not ideal. Certainly not a UI “enhancement”.