Bring back Enable/Disable button to Automatic Routines tiles

Hello, I just updated to a newest ST for iOS and i have lost an easy way to Enable/Disable automatic routine straight on Routines card menu with ON/OFF buttons.
Why was it removed ? Please bring it back, i used it to turn ON/OFF heating relay switch with various times.
It was straight easy to do so, now i have to open the routine card and enable it there which i think improvoes nothing, just adds two more click which is not user friendly at all.


I second that! It’s really frustrating to have to dig into the card to disable/enable a routine.

It used to be so easy to toggle on/off !

I suspect part of the problem though was that “it used to be so easy” that users would accidently toggle it off :grin: I recall times with my Galaxy Note 10+ that the screen might be active in my pocket, then pulling it out I’d accidentally press a button without knowing.

Maybe they could:

  1. Add the Toggle Button back to the main screen
  2. Then upon Toggling it, either On/Off, a second pop-up to Confirm choice.

This change is a pain, and not intuitive as I think you have to “save” after you disable something? I like #1, but it seems to me #2 adds to the number of steps to enable/disable. Why don’t they just put the disable/enable button at the bottom of the tile and make it obvious with words what status it is in? The coloration is ok too.


+1…agree 100%!


I don’t miss it that much, because it is available under the device tile routines, but I will admit it was more convenient

It can also be done under rules in the web app


Neat trick @NickA ! Thank you!

I hear you @homeagain. But that extra step of confirming whether you want it toggled would have prevented my users from accidentally turning it off, then asking me why it wasn’t working LOL !


+1 Please bring back the temporarily disable button in a more user friendly way like it was before

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I prefer this too. New UI definitely a downgrade.


The fact that the toggle is still available, but only if you access the routine from within a specific device, makes it even more ridiculous that it was removed from the Routine tiles themselves…:rofl:…exactly who on the development team thought that was logically consistent? Makes me think they just haven’t gotten around to removing the toggle there yet. That will probably be corrected in an upcoming “enhancement”…:wink:
Come to think of it, it was probably the same person/team that decided to name Scenes “Manually run routines” in certain places but “Scenes” in other places and Routines “Automatic routines” in certain places but “Routines” in other places…


Um, probably someone in Marketing, LOL! Although software guys are notorious for poor UI design! :laughing:

Disclaimer: I was “a software guy” for many years. Taking some UI Design classes opened my eyes! :wink: But, seriously, boneheaded decisions like this (and renaming “Scenes”) may have everything to do with freeing up screen real estate for something or a new feature we don’t know about yet or somebody “upstairs” passing some edict. It’s a wild world out there…

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Is there a way to disable a routine through a routine? I can’t find one. What I was hoping to do is get something like the WallMote so that I can set the button action to disable a routine. For example, I have motion sensors that turn lights on and off in the kitchen. If we have guests I would like an easy way to disable the routine used to turn on and off the kitchen lights. I have the app but the rest of the people in the house don’t want it. If I had a WallMote or something like that where they could push a button to disable the motion sensor routine, I would have a greater buy-in instead of complaining.

Not quite what you are looking for, but I use a virtual switch called Guests and use it as a pre-condition in my routines, so when it is on the routine does not run.