[new POLL] Help us pick the next EchoSistant Feature (Profile Edition)

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! Since EchoSistant Evolved has been released, we have received many requests for new features. The two items most requested for Profiles, seem to be, the ability to schedule Recurring Events with reminders delivered via audio (on remote speakers) or text via sms and Individual Device Control at Profile level.

Building on the popular feature of scheduling one time reminders, the Recurring Events would enable users to ask Alexa to schedule a “recurring or repeating reminder”. The EchoSistant would then, schedule the reminder using the cron scheduler. http://www.cronmaker.com

Individual Device Control: currently a Profile is able to only control group of devices - using the pre-defined groups, like lights, fans, etc or custom groups. But a Profile is unable/unaware of individual devices. This feature would enable control of any devices that are allowed to be used with EchoSistant but from an individual Profile. An example would be, Alexa tell Kitchen Profile to start a specific Harmony activity OR to turn on the Living Room Switch…

So which feature should we focus on, first?

  • Individual Device Control from a Profile
  • Ability to schedule recurring reminders

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Here is the most common scenario

Me: tell Kitchen to set a reminder to take the turkey out of the oven
Alexa: for how long?
Me: for 2 hours
Alexa: ok, scheduled reminder, anything else?
Me: kitchen stove light off
Alexa: ok, turned off kitchen stove light, anything else?
Me: Turn kitchen stove light on in 120 minutes

Imagine how many times you wold need to say Alexa… and how much time you would have to wait for Alexa to go to sleep so you can give your next comnand.

Alexa schedule reminder… wait for Alexa to go to sleep…
Alexa turn off the kitchen stove light…wait for Alexa to go to sleep…
Alexa turn on the kitchen stove light…

With EchoSistant you say…

Alexa schedule reminder, turn the kitchen light on and turn the kitchen light off, all in the same session and not even using ‘turn’ if you don’t feel like it…just light on or light off…


As you can imagine, I’m a heavy user of EchoSistant… But I use a combination of the native Alexa and EchoSistant… Whichever is more convenient at the time.

Flexibility and ease of use is the reason for the app. We aren’t trying to replace, just fill in the gaps and improve the experience.


So, it looks like cron scheduling with Alexa is going to be our next project!


For those in favour of recurring reminders, what is the most natural way of asking Alexa to set a recurring reminder?

Keep in mind, that saying “set a reminder” will continue to schedule one time events.

a. Alexa tell Profile to schedule a reminder
b. Alexa tell Profile to set a recurring event
c. Alexa tell Profile to set a repeating event or reminder
d. All of the above
e. Other… please post your suggestion below

Alexa, tell Profile to set a weekly (monthly, yearly, etc) reminder.


Everyone should take a look at EchoSistant 4.1… Now featuring Cron scheduling!

The first step towards Alexa being able to schedule recurring events is now complete with the introduction of Cron Scheduler in the Notification & Reporting Add-on. Giving this Scheduler a voice through Alexa is coming soon!


The work to enable Alexa to schedule recurring reminders is well under way. It will be part of EchoSistant v5. The completion is weeks away, but we are looking for beta testers. If you are interested in helping out, please PM @bamarayne or myself. The next best thing is around the corner:

A consolidated Reminders & Events module (add-on) that enables Alexa to schedule quick reminders, one time reminders, recurring reminders, schedules events to multiple Google Calendars, searches for upcoming events, and much more.

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@ErnieG , if you have time, we would like to pick your brain for designing the recurring reminders process (anyone else is more than welcome to help out if interested - pm me and I will add you to our private design group) …