New Philips Hue White Ambiance Bulbs?

I purchased a few of the new Philips Hue White Ambiance bulbs. They are Hue bulbs that can change to any shade of white color from 2700k to 6000k. I have them set up perfectly with my Hue setup. I tried to add them to Smartthings. The bulbs are recognized in the Smartthings app and appear to add successfully, however they are nowhere to be found in the app. Are these bulbs not supported by Smartthings?

I didn’t know anyone was selling these yet. Home Depot announced them but then seemed to be immediately out of stock. They’re the color temperature tunable ones, right? And you bought them as individual bulbs, not with the starter kit that comes with the bridge?

Also Just to be clear, Did you associate them with an existing Hue bridge? And that bridge is on your smart things network? Or did you try to join the Hue White Ambiance bulbs directly to the smartthings hub without using a hue bridge as a go-between?

My guess is that you’re going to have to assign a device type to them, as their fingerprint is not likely in the SmartThings system yet since they’ve only been out for couple of weeks.

@juano2310 should know about a planned official smart things integration for ones attached to the Hue bridge.

@sticks18 might be able to make a suggestion for a custom device handler if an official one is not yet available.

Tagging @slagle as well.

(Also tagging @infofiend as he does a lot with Hues.)

For those who haven’t seen these yet, at least in the US they have the words “Hue White ambience” on each bulb, not just “Hue White” and the new ones have the flat top like the RGBW Hues, while the older “Hue White” have a rounded A19 top.

That’s the bulb we used here
Integrating ZigBee bulbs in under 5 minutes :slight_smile:

@Lars it might not meet the conditions to select the correct device type.

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Yup i bought the bulbs at Home Depot. I paired them with my Hue hub and I ran another discovery on the Smartthings Hue connect smart app.

The bulbs were discovered properly and I was able to add them, however after adding them they do not show up anywhere in Smartthings.

I then removed every Hue bulb from Smartthings and the Hue bridge as well and readded everything manually. Again the bulbs were discovered and supposedly added but nowhere to be found among the app.

I will take a look at it as soon as I get my hands on one of those bulbs!

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Sounds great thank you!

I just managed to snag the 1st generation Hue starter pack for the same price as 3 of these white only bulbs, so I might just return them and use the color ones, but I’m sure that others will be picking these bulbs up soon!

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Philips Hue recently opened an office almost across the street from the Palo Alto SmartThings office so perhaps I should just walk over there :wink:


Philips released an update today for their app which will update the Hue bridge for better management of Hue White Ambiance. Not sure if that will affect the SmartThings integration at all, But it might.

Alright, got the bulb and wrote the code. Expect support for it soon, just need to go through QA and deployment.


@Lars, while we are talking about you updating code…any chance that the official ST Hue app will be able to support Hue Groups or Scenes? It would be nice to have this feature so it will run locally versus having to use third party apps, forcing all lighting control to the cloud.

Awesome. Glad to see I wasn’t going insane. Great response time, I hope the update hits soon! Love these bulbs.

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Hi. Any update to this? I just bought the smartthings kit and have been spending the past 3 hours trying to get these new bulbs paired with smartthings. Again, they’re the new white ambiance bulbs ($30 each) and while they’re being recognized in st, they don’t appear in the things list and are not configurable. Wish I had discovered this thread before wasting the night figuring out a solution that doesn’t exist.

how about we applaud response time after the issue is resolved? i’m still sitting here with $120 worth of bulbs i can’t use with smartthings…

Support should roll out next week.


Well, tbh, you can just do some research and figure it out through the advanced hue (connect) GitHub repo, or wait for their fix.

Might be worth checking if a smart home hub works with brand spanking new tech products prior to purchasing as well :slight_smile:

i know this, but official support is very important. and i did check the compatibility site. it says “philips hue light bulbs” are compatible. doesn’t go into specific subsets of that universe.

anyway, i know it’s being worked on and i appreciate the effort, but damn man. for a business reliant on compatibility with 3rd party products, and assuming philips is easily one of the top 3 vendors they work with, and finally given the fact that these new bulbs were announced months before they were available on shelves, i’d say this is an issue that should never have happened.

Ambiance support is added now.


so now that, acording to Lars, white ambiance bulbs are supported, how do I actually get to add them to my hub v2? I tried, but failed to add them. Hue Connect sees them, in addition to the other hue bulbs I have (mostly blooms), but when I add them to the list of bulbs after discovery I get an error. When i then deselect them again I can successfully update the list of bulbs added as things, but alas, without the white ambiance bulbs only.
I tried removing all bulbs, removing hue connect, adding everything again, but Hue Connect fails when I try to add them all and I had to go through dev.smartthings to remove the hue connect app because it created an error every time I clicked on it.
So, again, how exactly do I add these bulbs to my list of things?

+1 Great since my Ambiance bulbs just arrived :slight_smile:

Failed to save page: bulbDiscovery if an Ambiance light is selected in the Hue Hub bulb discovery. If I uncheck the Ambiance bulb (and have only color bulbs) things work fine… Any trick to getting my newly added Ambiance bulbs to SmartThings?

Some more detailed log from the Live Logging feature:

error Device type 'Hue White Ambiance Bulb' in namespace 'smartthings' not found.

Noticed this PR was already merged:

Seems that even though the current version of the Hue (Connect) SmartApp is running (or you wouldn’t see the Ambiance label) the actual device types arent up-to-date. What needs to be updated/reset/configured to make sure the latest device types are pulled in?