New orvibo zigbee IR device

This looks very interesting! Looks exactly like an orvibo allone but this one claims to be a zigbee version instead.

If we can get this to work will act as a bridge to all IR controlled devices, a good alternative to my harmony hub which seems very much geared towards AV.

Could be very cool.

There is a zwave-IR bridge from Remotec that’s used for air conditioner control ( for ACs that have IR remotes), but it’s limited to the thermostat device class.

A number of community members use global cache’s WiFi-IR device as A code level bridge, but you need to have some piece of software to run it. The HAM bridge is a good choice if you don’t want ongoing fees. Roomie remote (now called simple control) also works, but has continuing fees. Both have smart things interfaces available.

So there are some options to harmony depending on exactly what you want to do. :sunglasses:

The following thread was started in the AV context, but does discuss the global cache in some detail.


Is it? I thought that you can “Teach it” any IR command?

Edit: I know it’s Made for thermostats/AC’s

Limited from the zwave side.

any news ?
was hoping to connect the orvibo allone pro - directly to the smartthings hub. via zigbee
that could be awesome
just need a device handler for that