New Monorpice devices

(Eduardo Veras) #1

Monocripe realesed some new diveces at a really good price, has anyone tested some of those? The new devices are:

-Zwave Shock Sensor 26$
-2 Zwave in wall relay module 30$-35$
-2 Zwave courtain module 40$
-2 Zwave Plugin swith 30-35$
-Zwave Garage door sensor 25$

hope we can get our hands on some of those soon :smile:

(Cody Truscott) #2

Looks like the curtain modules are DC only. Most curtain motors are AC. Still, nice to have an option for the erod curtain system finally.

(Brad B.) #3


Interesting pricing here… the smoke detector is more expensive than the ZCOMBO. The plug-in dimmer is cheaper than the plug-in on/off switch.

(Brian Smith) #4

How is it that the dimmer module is cheaper than the on/off module? I’m guessing because the on/off can handle more load? Just struck me as odd since that pricing structure generally is not the case.

(Brian Smith) #5

Thanks for the heads-up, @Eduardo_Veras. Useful for the entire community!

(Keith Croshaw) #6

Yea I’m really surprised how expensive these are coming from monoprice. Can get a Aeon switch for two dollars cheaper on Amazon, until they run out of those I assume.