New Konnected Garage Door Opener works with SmartThings - easily retrofits almost any dumb garage door

Hello all,

I am incredibly excited to announce the availability of Konnected’s newest product: the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener! Building on Konnected’s success retrofitting alarm systems for SmartThings, my team and I set out to design a simple, elegant, and universal garage door opener retrofit that works out of the box with SmartThings and other smart home platforms.


We wanted to make it simple and elegant, so we’ve incorporated a highly accurate optical laser sensor that effortlessly detects the status of your garage door—whether it’s open or closed. Without having to mount traditional magnetic sensor or tilt sensor. Also there are NO BATTERIES to change – it’s powered by the outlet on the ceiling of your garage.


You’ll love how seamlessly it integrates with SmartThings and Alexa thru Konnected’s Cloud platform that is Works With SmartThings certified. This means that SmartThings or Alexa users all over the world can monitor and control their garage door from anywhere – you don’t even need a ST hub!

To provide even greater flexibility, we’ve included the option to incorporate a wired sensor (sold separately) into the setup. This ensures the most accurate monitoring of your garage door’s position. That being said, that’s not a requirement - just an option for those who want an extra layer of security. The wired sensor input could (theoretically) be used for other sensors like a door or PIR sensor in the garage, if desired.

It works with all garage door openers and gate openers that have a traditional “dry contact” push-button wall switch. Basically this means all older garage door openers, including those with any color learn button except for yellow. If your garage door opener has a round yellow learn button, then it has MyQ’s Security+ 2.0 encryption, and you’ll need an adapter to make it work with a 3rd-party device.

Connecting and calibrating Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener is a breeze, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi capability and an installation wizard within the Konnected app. You won’t need a ST hub—it connects to your home WiFi and Konnected’s cloud. With audible and visual alerts, users also receive warnings before the door closes, prioritizing peace of mind.

All that with no required monthly fees! With Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener, you get all the necessary smart garage capability without additional costs.

Key features of the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener:

GDO Product Images

  1. Optical laser sensor for accurate door status detection
  2. 12V power input (power adapter included)
  3. 12V AUX power output
  4. Input for wired sensor integration
  5. Relay output to garage door opener switch
  6. 12V switched output for strobe
  7. USB port for firmware servicing
  8. Built-in warning LED strobe light
  9. Internal piezo buzzer

What about SmartThings Edge?
Konnected’s Garage Door Opener works with SmartThings via our cloud service, which has been running since 2020 connecting our Alarm Panel products to SmartThings. We haven’t been ignoring Edge – on the contrary we’re evaluating our next generation of firmware and integration capabilities for all Konnected products, and are still working out the best way to achieve Edge compatibility with SmartThings.

The Konnected Garage Door Opener is available now for just $89 via

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone that’s already a part of the Konnected community and uses our products; you help us drive our innovation forward and inspire us to develop new smart home solutions every day.

Please don’t hesitate to reply here with any questions or feedback. I’m really interested in hearing what you all have to think about the Konnected Garage Door opener.

Nate Clark
Konnected Founder


I’m pleased to see this includes the safety features required by UL 325. Any plans to get it actually UL listed for those who live where homeowners’ associations require that?

AFAIK, the UL standard that you mentioned is for motorized garage door openers and gates to prevent entrapment, etc. The Konnected device retrofits an existing opener to add smart home control, and it won’t interfere with the safety features of the garage door opener that already exist such as IR safety beams and force-reversing motor.

The Konnected device does have a audible and visual warning before triggering the closing of the garage, which is a safety feature required by the CPSC in the United States.

I have not evaluated if such a retrofit product could even be eligible for this UL standard because it has no motorized parts. Are there any products like it that you know of that do have this UL certification?

You’re correct that all of the entrapment safety features are included in UL 325. But it has been updated multiple times as technology has changed, and then, one of the most recent, a section was added specifically to handle remote, out of sight operation, including via Internet. This section also applies to retrofit devices like yours. From the federal register, when the rule was first published:

Additional requirements for unattended operation. The revised UL 325 added a new section titled, “Unattended operation control accessory,” which provides additional requirements for unattended operation of GDOs, including remote monitoring and unattended activation via wireless or internet-connected devices. To ensure safe unattended operation of GDOs, the new requirements clarify visual and audible alarm operation, include provisions for maintaining compliance with the entrapment protection of an external accessory, and provides the necessary instructions and markings.

You’re also correct that it doesn’t remove any of the other safety features of the original garage door, but it does say that once you have control via an app, you need to have some additional features, which your device does have, so that’s good.

Here’s an explanation of how the standard applies to anything that can be actuated by a smart phone app from the UL site:

If I recall correctly, Nortek’s retrofit smart garage control device was the first one to meet this new standard, which is why they were able to sell it at Home Depot. It’s now sold under the gocontrol name. They made a big deal out of meeting the standard at the time.

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