New Github connection

Good day all
just connected GetHub to my Smartthings account, and when looking into Device Handlers - Update from Repo - Smartthings Public Master, I get the following (screen Shot)

Should I update all on the right “New (only in GitHub)” as well??

There is some Xiaomi devices showing in green on my Device Handlers page, but I do not see anything in the “New (only in GitHub)” list referring to Xiaomi or the publisher(s) of the Device Handlers.
Any thoughts

Only select the device handler(s) that you need for your Xiaomi device(s). Do NOT select all of them or else you will have a HOT mess. :slight_smile:

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Okay on not selecting all, but Xiaomi or the Device Handler publisher is not listed, example a4refillpad - xiaomi Aqara door/window sensor, or should I select the "devicetypes/capabilities/contact-sensor-capability.src/contact-sensor-capability.groovy "

Owner: a4refillpad
Name: Xiaomi
Branch: master

the one above is the one you are looking for but you should ignore it.

but this one you should check out:
Owner: bspranger
Name: Xiaomi
Branch: master
it is from the following thread: