Github integration for handlers

I was just wondering if they stopped letting SmartThings connect with GitHub? I have had a smartthings hub for a while and not had issues with the automatic driver/handlers etc. but I got a 4 controller relay that’s zigbee and I was told that I need a handler from GitHub for it. I’ve watched YouTube videos from a few years ago (didn’t see anything newer) and what I see is completely different. I’ve read a few posts from 2016 in this forum, but they don’t seem to be the same I see or not. I’ve heard a few things that smartthings is closing and not going to work soon.

I really like this setup I have, so I hope they don’t close shop.

But if anyone could help me with the GitHub handlers setup, I would greatly appreciate it.

There’s lots of changes going on right now. I’d start here

I think @Mariano_Colmenarejo has an Edge driver for zigbee Multi switches though

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Hi @Melocco

With edge drivers the way to work with github code, when it’s available, is different than in groovy IDE. As seen in the links @Automated_House put

Now you would have to:

  • edit, in your own editor, the github code of one or several driver files
  • with the CLI package them to create a new driver edge
  • post it to a channel, which you have to create with the CLI
  • install it on your hub from that channel

The easiest way to use drivers created by other users is to install them on the hub from a shared channel.

If you send information about the fingerprints (manufacturer and model in IDE) and the clusters of your device I can add it to a driver edge for you or anyone who has the same device to use